Learning to make Sushi – Gordon Ramsay

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I absolutely love Japanese food and it’s something I’ve always been diet and I had to make properties so I’m a sushi version until today I’m going back to the floor to get the ultimate lesson in the perfect sushi here we go you know the defect I’ve come to the award-winning IRS turrent in the West End the sushi chefs here have trained for up to 10 years and are all experts hand-picked from Japan teaching me today is sous chef yang wayne Quinn overseen by sushi master carest Anne hi how are you good to see I’ll be tackling three sushi classics dragon roll just got up nigiri and spicy tuna roll but first it’s back to basics rice so how long would you wash rice for when you first arrive in a Japanese kitchen for three years minimum three years three years just washing rice Carlos and he did rice for six years was your naughty boy the rice is washed three times leaving it soft but sticky enough to mold and this is the most important thing for sushi because we say the Fisher rice is the heart yes I’ve been fast-tracked through years of rice washing and now it’s time to learn how to make my first dish a real work of art the dragon roll avocado eel cucumber and salmon roe enter clear apt in seaweed paper called nori and rice but there’s one big catch within two minutes everything was within two minutes in two minutes that’s impossible – that to me I’ve been told to copy caressed hands every move it’s an amazing way of funny on avocado Jesus Christ huh everything’s so precise everything so it’s almost like it’s in military fashion next step for Karason the eel but I’m still struggling with the basics the rice sticks to your hands so quickly yes terra stands almost finished it’s so precise this is for one portion I’m poison yeah I’m feeling slightly nervous because I I feel for the first time in my cooking career 21 years in the kitchen I’m at my death Jesus in under two minutes Karis hands done and I’ve only just begun it’s incredible the level of concentration mental work that goes into it so estimators 13 minutes later dragon roll eventually done on my worries with timing 30 minutes needs them in two minutes

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