Leuphana Digital School – Solution and Innovation Skills – Mentored Open Online Course


Leuphana Digital School – Solution and Innovation Skills – Mentored Open Online Course

Architects of the Cathedrals built 800
years ago, the engineers of the International Space Station, Picasso the painter, the inventors of Google Glass – what do
these people have in common? You! You can learn from these pioneers how to
be successful, how to achieve your own innovations, how
to make your own discoveries. You can learn the skills that make you a
pioneer as well. “How?”, you ask. We have created a learning experience for you where remarkable professors and experts from around the world share their insights on how to overcome challenges, how to solve complex problems and how to
reach goals. We are Leuphana Digital School, and Zeppelin University, and Harvard University, and University
of Luxembourg and Central University of Finance and Economics China… Their professors and experts have teamed up to create a course for you that is delivered exclusively online. Everybody who wishes to participate in this unique opportunity is invited to do so – it is free of charge and there are no
prerequisites. Well, actually that is not true. You need
to have the desire that all innovators share: the desire to create something new. Most it was find that being innovative is a hard and lonely job. While we pursue our innovative ideas, we encounter resistance to change, big knowledge gaps and many problems monsters. Through your participation in our course you will learn to chase them away and even to turn them into your friends to reach your goals together. You will form teams with participants
from all over the world to learn from each other how to become a
pioneer under the guidance of specially trained
mentors. Throughout the course you will be provided with input via video lectures and online teaching material. The course is highly interactive with assignments and discussions inside your team and with the other teams. You will form a global community of
collective learning. Over the course of “Solution and Innovation Skills” we will cover 12 topics. For each topic one of the professors or experienced experts will share with you their research based insights on how to be innovative and
successful. In the assignments that you receive you can apply these insights right away. You will cover these topics over a total of 10 weeks. Since this course is internet based, you will study from the comfort of your own desk at home or with your mobile device from wherever you wish to be. In addition, you will take various online
based assessments with unique feedback tools during the
course, which measure your ability to develop solutions and to be
innovative. They will provide you with valuable feedback and enable you to keep track of your progress. Of course your individual results are treated as strictly confidential. After successfully completing the course
by finishing all assignments, you can obtain a University Certificate with five credits for an administrative fee of only € 20. It is our target to make you a better
innovator, a sharper pioneer, and more successful in
reaching your goals. That is why we are looking forward to
having you with us on our journey of discovery.

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    Interested in gaining innovation skills while working in a collaborative team? Watch this video to learn about the Leuphana Digital School's new course "Solution and Innovation Skills"!

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