Liberal arts degrees online | Oregon State Ecampus

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Liberal arts degrees online | Oregon State Ecampus

Hi! My name is Dahlia Seroussi and I’m an
academic advisor in Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts. All of our degrees in the liberal arts give you the skills to make a difference in
the lives of others. In a liberal arts classroom you’ll approach issues from
multiple perspectives. It’s not about black or white, but being able to think
in a grayscale. You’ll be honing skills that every employer is looking for like
critical thinking, analysis, and communication. You’ll be looking at
issues, deconstructing them into their parts and then reconstructing them,
learning something totally new in addition to the variety of degrees
offered online like psychology, sociology, and world languages, you’ll have access to the same resources that on-campus students do, like scholarships, research
opportunities, even clubs. We have a team of academic advisors and success
counselors who are here to help you navigate your path to graduation and
beyond. So no matter what your specific interest is we have a program for you.
We’re excited to work with you.

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