Liberty Schools plan to offer online courses this fall

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Liberty Schools plan to offer online courses this fall

The Liberty school district is updating its schools. It’s opening an online school — and classes begin in the fall. First News Reporter Molly Reed found out its an effort to bring the large amount of students who LEFT the district BACK into its schools. The superintendent tells me their district has lost about 250 students a year for the past several years. A lot of them went to open enrollment in other districts or joined other online schools, like ECOT, which was recently shut down. Now he says with this program they hope to not only get those students BACK but make programs that are more personalized. Students looking for a change in pace from the regular school schedule may have another option in Liberty come fall. JOSEPH NOHRA, SUPERINTENDENT: SO I FEEL VERY STRONGLY THAT WHAT’S CURRENTLY OFFERED ALL OVER THE STATE IS A FAILURE. WE DON’T SUPPORT THE STUDENTS ENOUGH IN THE ONLINE MODELS. The school district is working with the Mahoning County Educational Service Center to create the Leopard Cyber Academy. NOHRA: STUDENTS CAN ACTUALLY DO A HYBRID. THEY CAN GO MAYBE A HALF DAY ONLINE AND A HALF DAY IN OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT THEY WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITIES AND ATHLETICS. NOHRA: THEY CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE ACADEMY WE WILL TRANSPORT THEM, WE WILL GET THEM THERE, THEY’LL BE ABLE TO WORK WITH A LIVE FACE IF THEY’RE STUMBLING IN THEIR ONLINE CURRICULUM. The cyber Academy will be included in the district’s open enrollment, too. It’ll be free for students but will cost the district roughly $1,400 per student. The success center and cyber academy will also include new career-based courses and credit-recovery classes. AKESHA JOSEPH, HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL: WE WILL HAVE AN INTRO TO ENGINEERING AND DESIGN PATHWAY. WE ARE ALSO WORKING WITH SOME DIFFERENT FOLKS ON THE NEW CYBER SECURITY PROGRAM THAT’S BEING RELEASED BY THE OHIO DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FOR 2019. The school board will vote Monday to approve the program or not. If approved, students can begin enrolling. In the studio, MR, WKBN.

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