Liberty University Online Academy: Classes

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Liberty University Online Academy: Classes

>>ALEXIS CREEDEN: My favorite class would
have to be my Apologetics or Personal Finance class because I know those are actually preparing
me for the future with going out and talking to people about Jesus or with the Personal
Finance, that I’m learning how to save my money the right way and I’m learning about
the 401K plan. It’s preparing me for the future.>>DAVID MELANCON: I get a nice Christian
education and while I’m home. It’s accredited education and you get the dual enrollment
benefit with the Associate’s Degree.>>FELICIA HERRERA: I like that it has games
and I like that they have projects that I can do with my mom so I can have fun doing
different things.>>COLE TYLER: I just get the opportunity
to learn about god and just do school at the same time cause it’s mixed in there so I think
that’s perfect.>>CHRISTINA CREEDEN: This is such a great
opportunity for you and your kids to be able to walk through letting them really strengthen
themselves in their education. They’re able to get classes that I am myself am not able
to teach them, but I’m still able to be a part of their education, walk through it,
and help them in some of the important skills of time management and really doing a good
job in a virtual environment.

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