Life of Indians at Harvard & MIT? Harvard Campus Tour πŸ”₯


Life of Indians at Harvard & MIT? Harvard Campus Tour πŸ”₯

First of all, You might be wondering Does this mean you should also get into Harvard and then dropout. Absolutely not I just got done with Free Lunch. You might be wondering how I got free lunch, I am not a Harvard Student In order to enter the dining Hall you just not have to be a Harvard Student but a Summer School Student Any other student can’t even enter even if he or she is willing to Pay I am Mr. Free Food so I need to keep secrets. I sometimes get privilege access This is Like a stress relieving place. Students can take cold breeze here. Now I am playing Picnic- Picnic When I went there they told me that that’s not actually John Harvard I was like, we knew from long time ago that is John Harvard Then they said they didn’t have clarification how he looked like. so they made it with 3 assumptions that he was tall smart and handsome There are 12 dormitories. If you get in then you will be assigned one of of them These dorms are so cool and amazing. These all apartments are amazing. I think I am actually in Harry Potter world rather than the one in Florida (Universal Studios) So this has better Harry potter vibes than Universal Studios as there are actual students here Much better feel Whether you got MIT or Harvard. You can take classes anywhere you want. You may have to travel though You may have to travel. But taking classes at both places is just amazing. you can take the FREE BUS some restriction not going to Harvard: Can’t go to library or dining hall. I see more happy people here this is my one day experience. but students will generally prefer Harvard and take some classes at MIT But for engineering people will choose MIT There is no competition for that. It is way more diverse. some are taking in British accent. and some in Mandarin in MIT asians were domination. But this is more diverse. I got explicit entrance You might not know Harvard is the oldest campus in the US Most of the students prefer to stay here and take classes at MIT. But for engineering it is vice versa. This is more stress free environment. Both places are stress free but Harvard’ beauty makes it more stress free. A lot of good features. Dorms are the best here Enclosed campus. Dorms are in front of the some of the classes Closed Campus with minimum walking distance GSU and MIT have walking distance of around 10 to 15 minutes It is a very exciting campus with min walking distance MIT is separated campus, one building could be quiet far from the other. But Harvard is a closed campus.You can see a gate behind me. e.g. IIT Roorkee, Khalsa College I am very less tired after exploring Harvard. MIT was very tiring because buildings are quiet apart Traditional classroom vibes. In my school they used to use chalk and duster but they later switched to white board and marker They have maintained chal and duster culture I wish I could enter inside but I could see them from outside This entire campus is giving Harry Potter vibes. Better than any campus I am going to check Harvard store, lets see how it goes Harvard store was super expensive and I don’t go to Harvard so it doesn’t make sense Lets get back to the Main Point

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  1. Singh in USA says:

    Tap on cc for Subtitles
    Insane Life of Indian Students at MIT! MIT Campus Tour:
    Why I came to MIT? IITians in MIT:
    Studying in IIT vs Studying in MIT:

  2. lonesome says:

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  10. RAAZ ROCKSS says:

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  25. Ammad Fire says:

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    Scholarships are need based whereas admission decisions are need blind. Also you didn't visit the Harvard Law school, one of the most prestigious in the world.

  38. Inamul Hussain says:

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  39. Suman Singh says:

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  41. TrueMe says:

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    Britishers took books and vedas from India and teach that knowledge to there students and they told that this knowledge is not taken from India….For your information the oldest and first university of the world was in India…..
    Don't be offended…. Listen Shashi Thakur interview then only you got to know the reality of Britishers….
    And yes in present time Harvard and MIT is on top position in the world and ur video was awesome…. πŸ˜πŸ‘

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