Living On-Campus at SDSU

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Living On-Campus at SDSU

Growing up I moved around a lot and I never
felt like I belonged until I came to San Diego State. There’s a place here for everyone. It’s a really big campus but you don’t feel
that way. Everyone’s in the same situation as you so
you literally meet people everywhere. It’s getting to meet people from all around
the country and all around the world that was really special to build that connection
the very first day that I got here. The second I got to campus I honestly just
felt so welcomed and I just fell in love with the environment and it made me feel a lot
more comfortable moving 3,000 miles across the country. We formed a community pretty quickly because
we have those common areas on the floor and the building where we can just hang out and
talk to our friends and the people on our floor. Everyone leaves their doors open you can make
friends, someone will walk by and say hey, do you want to do homework together or go
to dinner? It’s so easy just to make a family here and make friends and be a part of something. There’s always stuff going on in the Student
Union or anywhere on campus and you can just get involved with a bunch of different organizations
and have a good time. I did really well academically while living
on campus because of the resources that we had. It’s so easy to pull all nighters with your
friends or with a study group. We can go to professors’ office hours whenever,
because we live on campus. I’ve used a lot of the STAR Center resources.
They have a lot of great people there who are helpful and can tutor you. There’s also
free printing so I don’t have to worry about paying for it. I use it so I can get all my work done in
a quiet area so I think that’s really helpful. My RA made sure to make my new home my community,
and try to just help me realize what resources I had. Having a meal plan is really convenient because
you don’t have to worry about grocery shopping, or budgeting for food, you just decide with
your friends which location you’re going to on campus and meet up and go have dinner. You have access to the gym as well as the
Aztec Aquaplex, the different concerts, the basketball games, the convenience of living
on campus is exceptional. If you want to build lasting friendships and
you want to feel like you’re part of something bigger, I would definitely live on campus. We’re just such an important part of each
other’s lives right now, we’re like best friends and it’s amazing. After being at San Diego State for about a
month or two, I definitely knew that this was the place I was meant to be and I saw myself
coming here for all four years and hopefully leaving my mark here too after I graduate.

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