LLCC: 20 Years of Online Learning – Carmen Allen

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LLCC:  20 Years of Online Learning – Carmen Allen

My name is Carmen Allen and I’ve been
teaching online courses at Lincoln land for over 15 years my online courses
include computer applications computer programming concepts and systems
analysis now although I teach online I’ve also been a past student of online
and hybrid courses so I really do understand what it’s like online
education provides engaging learning activities that are enhanced by
technology and students don’t have to wait to see test results or know how
they’re doing in a course because well their grades are a click away I also
make my online course content available to the students I have in the physical
classroom so when they’re doing their homework outside of the class they’re
playing and replaying instructional videos that have replaced my in-class
lecture when students can see and experience what they’re learning over
and over again well it eventually sinks in ultimately they end up being more
successful you

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