LLM in Law by online distance learning at Edinburgh Law School


LLM in Law by online distance learning at Edinburgh Law School

Well, on the LLM in Law we have a fantastic
range of subjects, a very diverse range – over 20 modules can be chosen, students have to
take 6 modules so they have a lot of choice and that allows students to take a diverse
range of subjects things that suit their particular professional needs or even just their areas
of interest and these can be very diverse. Or it’s possible to build your modules so
that you specialise in a particular area, so on the LLM programme whilst it’s an LLM
in Law you can specialise in, for example, medical law, intellectual property law, information
technology law or commercial law so it is possible to group together modules in related
areas to specialise if that suits the students’ interests.
Well it’s ideally designed for professionals, the vast majority of our students take the
programme on a part time basis whilst they’re still working in their professional careers
full time so flexibility is absolutely key for this programme we understand that people
are exceptionally busy and they’re trying to fit this programme in and around a demanding
work life and family life. In addition we try to tailor the programmes so that not only
those with a law background can become involved in the programme and can apply to join the
programme and become a student on the programme but those from non-law backgrounds, those
who in their professional career have come against issues and they think that an understanding
of the law in the particular area would give them a better understanding of the job and
allow them to progress so a wide range of students and flexibility to allow people to
take on this exciting challenge whilst also knowing that people will be continuing to
work. We’re very fortunate here at Edinburgh University,
it’s a research-led University and so you’re being taught by people who really are at the
cutting edge of the field, you’re being taught by people who are carrying out research and
moving and progressing the boundaries in the topics that are covered on the programme and
in that perspective students are getting access to people who really are giving them an exceptionally
sound theoretical underpinning of the particular area, but we’re also fortunate on the distance
learning programme in law to have support, whether it’s from support tutors or others
providing input who have a practical experience, a number of our support tutors are very experienced
practitioners and so you get that duel understanding with slightly different focus from different
members of teaching staff, some giving you the theoretical understanding that is absolutely
essential and then someone else providing you with more practical tools and practical
elements to help you to understand how the law in theory the law in the textbooks actually
translates to the things that you are doing in practice, so the things you might come
up against in your career and students certainly appreciate having that mixed element to their
learning so that they can understand why they’re learning what they’re learning and what use
it might be to them. We have an extraordinarily diverse online
community, our students come from all over the world. We have people who seem to be posting
at all hours of the day and night for us here in the UK and that’s because we have students
who are posting probably in most time zones in the world across the programmes. We have
people who come from very different professional backgrounds and their experiences will be
very different, different cultural backgrounds, different legal traditions and so it’s a very
enriching experience for our students, who can learn from each other and that’s a very
key aspect to the module, not just learning from the staff at the University but learning
from each other, getting the benefit of that different diverse knowledge and experience.

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  1. Tony Karim says:

    Do you offer a specialisation in Corporate law or Corporate Governance?

  2. Choiphu Wangpan says:

    In our country india, restricted of law study through distance education. But how & why we don't know behind the reasons.

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