LOONEY TUNES (Merrie Melodies): Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Kids Collection 1 (Ultra HD 4K)


LOONEY TUNES (Merrie Melodies): Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck Kids Collection 1 (Ultra HD 4K)

Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me l’m gonna get me lots of gold
Out on the lone prairie Gold is where you find it
And when l find that stuff l’ll dig and dig and dig and dig
l’ll never get enough l tramp the prairies and the plains
l trudge each weary mile l’ll tramp and trudge and trudge and tramp
Until l make my pile Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me l’m gonna dig up lots of gold
“‘V”‘ for victory! (HUMMlNG) (SHUSHlNG) Eh, hi, neighbor! Oh, hello! (SlNGlNG) l’m a ragged, rugged, lover
Of the wild and wooly west Of all the things l haven’t got
l like gold the best BOTH: (SlNGlNG) Oh, it rained all night
the day l left The weather is so dry lt was so warm l froze to death
Susanna, don’t you cry Oh, Susanna, oh, don’t you cry for me l’m gonna get me lots of gold
“‘V”‘ for victory! Good evening, friends! Hey! There’s something awfully screwy
going on around here. Eh, what’s up, doc? Well, one of the strangest things. l… Boo! Hey, smart boy. (WHlSTLlNG) (SCREAMlNG) That’s that screwy rabbit. Oh, well. (SlNGlNG) l’ve been working on the railroad All the live long day l’ve been working on the railroad To pass the time away (SCREAMlNG) Eh, pardon me, doc, but, did you lose this? Oh, yeah. Thank you very much. (SCREAMS ) (YELLS ) (CLANGlNG) Gold! Gold! They found it!
Hey! Eureka ! Gold! Gold! They discovered it!
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Where? Where? -Where? Where? Where?
-Here! Here! -Over there.
-Where? Here. Oh, that’s nothing. l got one in here. (GROWLS ) You chubby little rascal! Come out, Mr. Rabbit. l have a little surprise for you. (WHlSTLlNG) Don’t laugh! l bet plenty of you men wear one of these. That’s the last straw! l’ll get that rabbit! Hey, doc! Hey, doc! Where are you? ELMER: Here l am ! (TSKlNG) Too bad! Too bad! Oh, well! (SlNGlNG) Oh, bury me not
On the lone prairie (YODELlNG) Where the wild coyotes
Will howl o’er me (YODELlNG) Gosh, ain’t l a stinker? (HUMMlNG) Rabbit, l came here for gold, and l’m gonna get it! No! No, no, not that! Not that! Anything but that! l gotcha, you rabbit! l’ll show you!
You can’t do this to me! l’m gonna de-crown you, you rabbit! Eureka ! Gold at last! (LAUGHlNG) Eureka ! Gold at last! (LAUGHlNG) Gee, am l hungry. l could eat a saber-toothed tiger. Anyway, half of one. Well, this isn’t getting me breakfast. Here, Fido. Well, thanks. Now come on. l’m famished. Well, l’ll bet you’re cranky
before breakfast, too. Be quiet! Yum-yummy. My favorite vegetable. Duck. Gosh, that duck acts like he’s crazy. That is correct! Absolutely 1000/0 correct! So that’s the way it is, eh? All right, then. Fine thing, no swimming. Other cavemen get to go swimming,
but l never get to do anything. Well, what are you looking at? Don’t just stand there. Do something. Now, go get him. The big lummox. Well, now, isn’t that clever? The hunter’s helper. Now come on! Not bad for a guy
that never took a lesson in his life. Wait here. Here you are, girlie. Gee, thanks a lot. Well, just what l wanted. A duck breakfast. Gee, l can hardly wait. Come on, Fido. Gee, we’re almost there. You know, maybe that wasn’t
such a hot idea after all. Good night, folks. And hold the onions. What did you say? Nothing. Land! What’s the good word, strangers? Food! White man. Welcome to
Humuhumunukunukuapuaa lsland. Well, thanks. Gee, did you say that? The back, please. The back. You’re cute, too, doc. We’re gonna have roast rabbit We’re gonna have roast No, you don’t. Pull a knife on me, would you? Why you…. One false move out of you and l’ll…. A ship. We’re saved! Hurrah! Bon voyage. Have a nice trip, fellas. Farewell. Au revoir. Don’t forget to write. So long. l’ll se you again sometime. -Good-bye.
-Good-bye. -Enjoy yourselves.
-We will. Good-bye! Bon Voyage! Farewell. Good-bye. Don’t forget to write. Farewell. Bon Voyage. l’d better hurry.
l just got 10 minutes to catch my plane. Hold everything, fatso! This is your lucky day.
Opportunity is knocking. But l’ve got a very important appointment. l’ll say you have. My card. Yes, sir. Daffy Duck,
personal representative… of the most sensational discovery
since the Sweater Girl. He’s colossal! Stupendous! One might even go so far as
to say he’s mediocre. l give you that paragon
of pep and personality… Sleepy Lagoon. Picture a packed house. The kid’s on.
The orchestra gives him a four-bar vamp… and the kid gives it to them like this. That’s just a rough idea, understand? The kid finishes ‘mid thunderous applause. Hooray! He takes a bow. They’re screaming for an encore. Encore! Give us more. We want more.
Let’s have some more. But does the kid give them another song?
No, he makes with a banjo solo, like so. Just a minute, chubby.
You ain’t seen half of the kid’s repertory. Here’s one the kid does that you’ll like. And now the kid goes into his finale,
and what a finale! Stop it! All right, let’s see what the kid can do. Okay, Sleepy. Do your stuff. That’s all, folks!

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