Loyalist College – Journalism-Online, Print and Broadcast

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Loyalist College – Journalism-Online, Print and Broadcast

What I really love about what we’re doing and what I really think is the Loyalist advantage is the newsroom. The newsroom is core to what we are doing. Our students produce content every single day for our 91X, the community campus radio station that not only broadcast on campus here at Loyalist, but goes out to the wider community across Quinte. We’re producing content for Q Net News, a website, that anybody with access to the Internet can see. We’re producing content for our print paper the Pioneer, and we’re producing a television newscast that is also posted online as well. We are operating a real-world newsroom here at Loyalist, and our students are doing that every single day and its as close to real-world experiences as you can get, we’re
not just teaching it, you’re practicing it, and to me that’s the real key and the real advantage to Loyalist’s Journalism program.

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