Machine Learning | UC Berkeley School of Information Online Short Course Trailer

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Machine Learning | UC Berkeley School of Information Online Short Course Trailer

Machine learning’s a really technical
field of expertise and it’s a field that’s changing really rapidly. Algorithms change from week to week. Computing resources and the way that
people are doing their work changes month over month, and it can seem like a
really tough landscape to be a leader in. By focusing on the general types of
questions and the general types of outputs that models produce, leaders can come with
a clear view of something that’s going to be durable and going to be actionable,
without getting caught up in the technical details that really aren’t important
for leadership to be a part of. This course is directed to people who are
going to sit next to a machine learning team or directed machine learning team
– that way they can advocate and bring insight to their business. A person who’s got a data science team or
is interested in bringing a data science team into their organization should take
this course, because not everybody needs to know how to code. Instead, people need to know how to ask the
right questions and to guide their coders, to guide their machine learning
engineers in the right direction. Taking people’s business knowledge and
matching it together with machine knowledge is really, I think, where the
frontier of this is going to be. Throughout the rest of business, where
there are repeatedly occurring questions or answers to questions that come through,
teaching a model how to do that and then putting that model into production makes
that answer happen really really quickly. We’ve got a really nice mix of both
academic knowledge – so folks who know how to teach and know how to lead a classroom
– together with industry knowledge. Please join us for this six-week Machine
Learning online short course from the UC Berkeley School of Information.

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