Maine Connections Academy Online School Overview Video


Maine Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

(energetic music) – Maine Connections
Academy is a public school. just like any of your traditional brick and mortar public schools. The only difference is, we’re online. – [Woman] It’s open to all
students in the state of Maine in grades seven through 12. And it’s an opportunity for those students to explore an alternate form of schooling, if there’s some reason that they’re not satisfied with the local public school that they could attend. – [Man] It’s a special place. We’re really like a team that
comes together as a staff to get to know our kids
and get to work with them and just help them as much
as we can to grow as kids and into young adults. – I feel that they’re helping me be a better student
’cause I can learn more and take in more instead of not even taking any of it in and moving on because I don’t understand it. – My teachers definitely
understand my perspective and the way I learn. – We’re here at Saddleback Mountain. And it’s just a great chance for kids to get to meet each other, to
help us get to know our kids. – I think this is an awesome field trip. I really do, I’m so excited that she’s getting the opportunity to do this. I’m proud of her. I’m very proud of her. – Since all students
don’t learn the same way, it doesn’t make sense that
they should all attend the exact same kind of school, and sit in the exact same kind of classes. And this allows them to have a customized, personalized experience that really meets their individual needs. – Kids are really held to a high level. You know, we’re here to support them, meet that high level of expectation. You know, we really feel
that kids can do it. And that’s what we’re
here to help them with. – Some days I could just
go through math quickly ’cause I know it, but I can take more time on social studies. So it kind of depends on the day and what I’m learning. – I wake up, and I get on my computer, check out the lessons I
have planned for the day. Read the webmails, and get
going on the first lesson. – She has the freedom to sleep in. Can have that natural
curiosity to learn what the curriculum is, and take
it a little bit further if she’s interested in doing that. – It also provides an opportunity for maybe if there’s a student
who’s performing at a high level in the fine arts or in athletics, they can work their school around their practice schedule. They don’t have to fit
in to that traditional eight to three, eight to two mold. – I feel like I have a
lot of social interaction. A lot more than I thought I would have. – We have the social
connections that we want. Many of them are virtually, and by email, and the other social networks. And then getting together on the weekends and days off. – I feel like I’m really getting
to know the whole families. You know, I talk to the
parents, I kinda know what they’re struggling with as a family. I know what kind of
vacation they’re going on. And it’s really cool to get to know, not just the student but the whole family. – So we’re gonna go do a (mumbles) so we’re gonna take the double up. – [Woman] Everybody deserves to feel like they have a place where they belong. And I think that for some
people who haven’t found that in a local school, we give
them that opportunity. – I want Sarah to become an adult who has responsibility for herself. And does something that
she’s happy with in her life. And that’s what she’s
looking for right now. – I could work for Apple, be a writer, graphic designer. – That’s what I really love to see in a 13 year old is that, is that ability to be able to develop her
own curiosity about things. And then take it to the next step. – I love this school, I mean I really sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, really love this school.

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    Great Video! It was such a fun day… cant wait for more field trips:)

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