Make a good study plan


Make a good study plan

Hari yang baru untuk belajar!! Masih ada hari esok, dan lusa Apa yang digunakan pelajar ini? Prinsip SMART Dikembangkan oleh Edwin Locke pada tahun 1981 Spesifik Dapat diukur Dapat dikerjakan Realistis Ada kurun waktu Jadi bagaimana kamu menggunakan teori SMART? Mulai dengan menggunakan agenda Dimulai hari ini sampai 6 hari ke depan Tulis semua jadwal kelas Lalu kegiatan yang sudah direncanakan dengan teman/lainnya Waktu untuk istirahat, 1 atau 2 hari Dan, waktu belajar mandiri Waktu kosong setelah belajar selesai Periksa apakah semua jadwal sudah SMART Ada kurun waktu Kapan mulai dan selesai? Spesifik Apa yang akan dilakukan? Cek SMART Apakah saya bisa belajar di malam hari? Apakah saya punya waktu yang cukup dengan target ini? Dimana saya belajar? Apa yang diperlukan? Apa indikator belajarnya? Membaca, mencatat, atau lainnya Kapan istirahatnya? Bedanya non-SMART dan SMART Gunakan SMART

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100 thoughts on “Make a good study plan”

  1. Venus Prs says:

    You should study 25hours a day to be accepted in entrance exam of universities in iran 😐

  2. Rasheed Khan says:

    Hi Friends. I need Study Plan for
    International Business for Chinese Scholarship in China. Please help me. please send to me I will do editing if you have already. My all documents are ready now but only need Study plan now to apply for a scholarship. any suggestions, tips etc please feel free to share. Thank you so much for reading my message. my Email address is [email protected]

  3. Stefanie Mangold says:

    Like this video! It´s a helpful step-by-step planning our your day tutorial and helped me personally a lot to set up my examn self study plan in german law school. Of course everyone has to deal with different kinds and numbers of appointments, but everyones day has just 24 hrs to fill and this video shows how you could do it.

  4. Sarah Firina says:

    What exactly does buffer mean?

  5. PrincessSakuno says:

    lol this person doesnt even work – how great of a study life they have

    im so glad i stumbled upon this video tho~!!!!!! thank you!!!

  6. let try says:

    Thank u

  7. Bingham Hawn says:

    amazing video this will help me so much. thanks

  8. life lover says:

    Oh ! Amazing
    I'm sure this will help😊
    Thank u😇

  9. Na No says:

    Yeah no, videos with funny ukulele music in the background and easy 5 steps aren't the most educational in most cases.

  10. Changzheng Liu says:

    Watching this at Friday 4pm

  11. PANDA GAMING says:


  12. Little Tangerine says:

    This can only happen in, like, Scandinavian countries.

  13. prash dahiya says:

    Very bad

  14. Prasad Bhagwat says:


  15. Radu Alexandru says:

    If I had only 1 exam in 3 weeks, it will work indeed. BUT I HAVE 6 EXAMS IN 3 WEEKS IN Electronic Engineering SO THIS AIN'T GONNA WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Candae kitty says:

    He lp

  17. MapleH says:

    Such an awesome video!

  18. TBZ's Official Mom says:

    When u're having a total of 15 subjects to manage so u need help :')

  19. haya almansouri says:

    My brain hates the idea of doing plans ? Is it possible to get good grades without any plans ( i mean non-written plans)

  20. Witiok1992 says:

    Complete bullshit. It sounds good, but in practice it results always in last moment's accelerating. Depends also strongly on kind of task and how important is it for you.

  21. Nanda Mahi says:

    Well planned is half done

  22. juhi negi says:

    Our teacher told us about the SMART thing in class and i came across this video three days later what are the odds


    I loved this one .. because I was having hard times trying to plan my learning process ..

  24. B David-Debo says:

    Is there a difference between studying and doing homework

  25. Mustakim's Study says:

    Love from Bangladesh

  26. أروى الرشيد says:


  27. Sierra says:

    WTF 2 FREE DAYS? Impossible in college

  28. iop erty says:

    I am literally watching it as a way to procrastinate while my will to study and to live is slowly dyeing

  29. Olivia Pyne says:

    Who's watching this instead of studying?🤣

  30. Shaira Reambonanza says:

    Where i can edit the sched?

  31. Abolfazl Najafi says:

    I need a more hard-working version, which is consist of 10 hour's per day!

  32. Gyanu Sanjel says:

    Thanks very helpful

  33. yasmine bachiri says:

    I will try to experience it…

  34. Genius Tahir says:

    i am also smart …….

  35. study first first says:

    We don't need 2 days break

  36. Chara Choppel says:

    About 1:40 and so on. Monday, there are two things colliding. A Study group 14:30 – 16:00. And Lecture 15:00 – 17:00. How to solve this? And I would let StudyGroup and Lecture switch places.

  37. apple neha says:

    If we are free for 2days definitely our time will waste 😯😯😯😯😯

  38. AdrishTunes says:

    I found this helpful.❤️❤️❤️ Thanks. 😊😊😊The best way to make a timetable on the internet.

  39. Abdullah Sayem Nabil says:

    Basically I have lectures 4x more than this….also have spend two hours in traffic….

  40. Ysmael Mendes says:

    It's amazing

  41. jk109 says:

    Whoever has only 3 lectures to attend every week is living a dream.
    Forget about not studying at every weekend.

  42. Jessica Nam says:

    but instead of studying here i am

  43. Transform talk says:

    thank you

  44. Dr. Sarah says:

    Ok. That can be my holiday plan ")

  45. Liuhuayue says:

    I always fail the "Realistic" part. I always assign more than I can finish.

  46. E. Raftery says:

    This video is entirely out of touch with the reality of what the university expects of us as students. In the final schedule (at 3:33m) you can count that the entire week comprises of 24.5 hours of total time spent on university studies, whereas in reality, the university expects students to spend 40 hours a week on their studies (see link below)! While I applaud the university in encouraging students to take time off and look after their well-being through fitness and socialising, this approach is entirely inappropriate and is frankly exasperating to a student who struggles to find time to do half of these things. What is most egregious is the notion that the university thinks we can have 2 days off per week – these are delusions at best and ignorant at worst.

    The University's statement on student workload:

    For more information about the >39 hour working week please see:
    Or for the full study:

  47. Ved Shankar says:

    Wouldn't it be better to first get used to a certain routine and then organize your time like this?

  48. Marilin Kuusk says:

    I feel offended that I have an exam coming up tomorrow and youtube suggested me this video. How dare you

  49. Marjan says:

    Yeah right, medicine school: classes from 8:30 until 18:00. Yeah keep two days study free

  50. Sophie Smith says:

    I was expecting this to be Dutch since this is from the University of Groningen, but I was wrong hehe

  51. Srijita Singha Lahiri says:

    Realistic huh?! Try being a wife(living worth husband and brother in law who don't even move their bum even if the house is on fire ), household chores, working in an MNC, Additional responsibilities, studying, preparing for exams…yeah of crs… Good joke!!!

  52. MrCrunchyLolipop says:

    I study way more than this, I cant belive I would get nearly as good grades if I swapped to this. Is it backed by some scientific study theory?

  53. Rudy Barajas says:

    What is this theme song? Is it available to download

  54. Vic says:

    I thought that's an app ===.===

  55. GrowTech says:

    i have 5 months to study freely
    should i plan weekly or plan whole 5 months at once?

  56. Irina K. says:

    Hm. Long-term plans have never worked for me. And I study every day in the morning at the same time every Day.

  57. ABM. CEO says:

    Dose anyone has the studyplan pdf ???

  58. Vijayakumar P says:

    so amazing !!!

  59. junquan loow says:


  60. ana shaloshvili says:


  61. Gaby García says:

    1. Start by using a agenda.
    Write down all the student appoitnment obligatory and then self study, Relax Time, Social events and Buffer time (in that order)
    2.Time Bound.
    When start and when stop.
    What exactly will you do.
    Ask yourself questions to see if your plan is: acceptable, realistic, measurable, time bound and answer specific.
    4. Study smart! PHOTO

  62. Vyankat Holkar says:


  63. Tamanna goyal says:

    not able to download the file

  64. Sıla says:

    A NI TUR

  65. Akash Roy says:

    Thank you….this video helped me a lot

  66. Ilham Jirde says:

    This is definitely not a good schedule for med students ( 2 days free is impossible 😢)

  67. Elsa Y says:

    HanHan Time APP->Simple way to manage your time and tasks, makes your life easier

  68. Eternity says:

    Helped me so much

  69. MUHAMAD KAKL says:

    i need help who can help me about my study please …?

  70. Arlen Samuel says:

    Thank You

  71. shark boi says:

    this was in my recommended when i opened YouTube to take a break from studying and watch anime…

    YOUTUBE , what are you trying to tell me? I don't speak codes

  72. shark boi says:

    from mon-fri i have school from 8am-4pm and sometimes 6 if we have extra curricular activities. at night we have tuition classes from 8-10.15pm….on weekends i have classes from 8.30-1pm.

    when do i do my homework and how am i still alive is beyond me to comprehend.

  73. CHAZAM says:

    I think this would apply to business student. Because business studies is not as hard as medical. Good luck medical students. You guys are the future doctor and farmacist.

  74. nicole saldis says:

    i wish to apply for this university
    just bc of this amazing video

  75. Nimra Memon says:

    Music is food fusion's music i feel iam learning to cook here😅

  76. Koothodil Abhijith Augustine says:

    Just don't procrastinate.

  77. hypergan x says:

    This video tells me to be smart indirectly

  78. Nguyễn Khương Duy says:

    I’m a Perceiver . I won’t follow this😔⌛️⌛️😔

  79. cadnanan mohamed says:

    who else wanna be number one his class

  80. Sobhan Acharya says:

    In 3 min you touched all the point, Fantastic!!

  81. Bách Vũ says:

    It's an amazing video. And I found it after graduating :v

  82. lore00star says:

    "We recommend keeping at least one day study-free"
    Engineering student: am i a joke to you?

  83. Nahian Khan says:

    why was this recommended just now?

  84. Naj Renchelf says:

    Foreigners will look at the Party time on Thursday and get really confused…

    I think parties on Thursdays are a Dutch thing! 😂

  85. Carla Adams says:

    Bold of you to assume I can party on a Thursday night and be up on a Friday at 10am to study

  86. Paul Matthew says:

    ive got 7 classes TT no time ah…

  87. Meowgi says:

    So a book is 3 pages now?

  88. meraw says:

    This is so retarded though? How am I supposed to know how much time it's going to take me to study something or do a certain amount of exercises? Do I just put more time than I need and then it becomes "buffer time" once I'm done? Doesn't that just increase procrastination since you keep saying "oh, I have so much time, I'll start in 5 mins"?

  89. Sophie Songbird says:

    Please do this with students who have a job

  90. tuanonnasibuca says:

    wow cool… too bad I graduated two years ago

  91. pratik thapa says:

    You get assignments like gets u busy a day man it's shit here

  92. Arjunsinh Gohil says:

    Just Share my Study planner on Instagram



    Switch to Facebook


    switch to YouTube





    Oh…8:30 time to study

    what!!! 8:30PM

  93. Ivan Mayet says:

    I already created one in my little book

  94. Anh Ph says:

    2 days of free studying?! Well, i have 4 🙂

  95. Alissa M says:

    What a balance study – life. I think it's kinda outdated and it doesn't work for me.

  96. Satvik Pendem says:

    I'm making a todo list + calendar app just like this:

    I also procrastinate a lot but if I can have a computer tell me what to do and when, I get things done. I used Google Calendar but it's not flexible enough to track goals, habits, and tasks, so I'm making my own.

  97. JadeCeci says:

    lol i how can someone has this less lectures ?

  98. ThisIsTyrell says:

    Who goes to school in only the afternoon?

  99. Zimasa Jam-Jam says:

    So many pages in 2 and a half hours

  100. Sahil Mambilly says:

    1 study-free day without worrying about studies feels like a dream to me!

    ~Engineering Student.

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