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Before we begin with UpGrad we should begin with its vision. What do we do? We build careers of tomorrow We are based in India, which is a young country. 60% of our population is under 25 years of age of those who should be in higher education less than 25% are actually enrolled of those pursuing higher education Only 30 percent will be employable in the coming years. As a society, we are moving from education as an event in one’s life, to a continuous process. Therefore, the skills required to be employable are changing very very rapidly. Gone are the days of one job one life we can easily see a trend of people moving at least eight jobs in their career and successfully transitioning from one career to another and this will only grow more frequent with the advent of industry 4.0 Working professionals will need to upskill not to compete but to just stay relevant! So we needed a solution, we needed to make India’s working professionals relevant, we needed to set up a system that we could keep learning keep upgrading and keep pace with the world. Enter UpGrad. To put it simply UpGrad is an online education company for higher education a working professional can pursue his or her education without leaving their jobs, and there were a lot of people who said that it won’t work and in hindsight some of our decisions could be called counterintuitive as it was the opposite of what everyone else was doing. We should begin with an education market in India. This is the K to 12 segment, which is obviously the biggest segment. Conventional wisdom would dictate that you should go after the K through 12 segment but we believed otherwise and targeted the working professionals this segment of 18 million working individuals could not afford to go back to school for higher education and leave their jobs again and again.
They said that education through internet will not work. Period. We believed that the only way to reach out to working professionals was online and our belief was shared by over 250,000 students who’ve gone through our online program. Then they said, that online courses should be of this duration and should be free, anything longer and costly will not work. This is the average duration of our courses and this is the average cost of our courses. We believed that to create a tangible impact on careers, you need longer courses and if you provide the right value, you shouldn’t under price we believed it was possible and our students believed it was possible. And, over 5000 students have already passed out of our certified courses Hi, I’m Aishwarya Ramachandran. I work as a news analyst in Thomson Reuters and I love reading and data has always been something that I loved and always wanted to go there I found UpGrad, and when I saw the syllabus structure itself, I was very much impressed with you know, the way the course itself was scheduled. It started with what is data then gets into about statistics and then machine learning, big data and Ends with domain elective, right? So it was very structured I like the online way because one I could also continue there being as a research in Indian Institute Science I can manage other things and I could study on my own time.. right. The best thing I liked, it was the peer to peer thing, it was there and you had discussion forums, you were studying with other people. The program has helped me way that I was able to transition from a research role into a news analyst role in a company like Thomson Reuters. The third biggest problem that they saw with our model was the universities. They said that you will never get an affiliation but we believed that partnering with universities is the way to go forward. So we actively sought university partnerships. We have partnered with these prestigious universities not only in India, but globally. We believed it was possible and somehow that feeling permeates. Our conviction had the universities believe in our dream. The Cambridge judge Business School is in the business of transformation of individuals of organizations and society. It means that we believe in encouraging and supporting others to create new products and businesses pursuing goals for intellectual gain and contributing to social enterprise. This belief has been at the core of a collaboration with UpGrad. We have been greatly impressed with UpGrad’s model of imparting education, which is not just about learning but is built around students support application in industry situations and collaborations. They said online education is for casual learning and cannot impact careers, people do online courses when they have nothing else to do. Then, they said how will you get all of these people jobs? How will you get them placed? But we believed that skills are changing and if working professionals don’t upskill, then they won’t be able to make the right career moves. The working professionals that enroll with our courses shared the same belief and today over 200 students have already transition in their careers. So if I’m a learner and and if I have paid for a course and I have all the content in the world by the best people who’ve curated it I need somebody to sit with me and help me how to how to connect it. That’s something that I felt equal UpGrad really solved it from our perspective, we don’t have to worry about When this person is going to learn? How he’s going to learn? What are the results? I also got reports from UpGrad informing me how active my learner’s were or my employees were and you know how I could go back in and give them feedback So as an L&D professional it was quite easy to actually sit back because that’s something that we worry about the most in terms of you know managing their time getting the classrooms, etc. The biggest problem was the classroom format. They said that online education will never be able to match the classroom format. But we believed that with proper mentor support we can not only match it, but we can take it a step further. Apart from the academia and the university support you already saw, each student gets a personalized student mentor. They are also supported academically by a Uber of TAS for immediate doubt resolution. And then, we have industry mentors to provide career feedback and strong career support. Last three years have been a journey. While people call our decisions counterintuitive, it was a belief in ourselves that made us pioneers and that has helped us converge so many people from students to universities to employers. So where do we see ourselves in the next five years? To be among the top 10 internet companies in India. And top 10 education companies globally. To reimagine and provide university like education online at scale by creating the full stack of education focusing on the learning experience partnering with leading universities and enterprising businesses, but that’s not all we upgrade lives. We are working towards impacting careers and lives of over 1.5 million people in the next five years. We are building careers of tomorrow, and I’ve never been prouder!

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