Maker Ed: The Impact of Maker Education

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Maker Ed: The Impact of Maker Education

Everything is hands-on. it’s a very learner driven experience it’s not a competitive environment everyone’s here to see everybody succeed it’s definitely interdisciplinary because it’s real materials real tools real problems. There’s not just one answer there’s many Maker Ed is a nonprofit organizations that’s bringing making opportunities to communities. They are masters at bringing all of us maker educators together They learn something and teach you something and that in turn teaches everybody else Maker Ed has had a huge impact on my professional development . The philosophy that we’ve been given as a part of Maker Ed is that it’s one of cross-pollination of ideas. The thing that surprised me the most about this experience is that I learned more about how I teach then what I teach I just see this tremendous energy in the educators when they walk away from an experience with Maker Ed. You’re not really looking for the end product. How you get there is more importnat If kids can understand the scientific and the engineering the math principles behind what they’re making they can change the world. I remember letting a kid know that you know she’d really solved a hard problem and this is a kid that had very low self-esteem and then as she walked away she sort of did a little dance. That’s just like one of those moments where you realize like it’s so small right and it could disappear if you don’t note it but that might stay with that child for the rest of their life. That’s great. My biggest hope for the students is for their imaginations to just run wild These are kids that don’t look at the world is happening to them they really look at the world as theirs to design in. In the Maker Ed community we create, we explore we learn and we imagine

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