Making a Visible Difference in Proctor Creek Watershed through Education

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Making a Visible Difference in Proctor Creek Watershed through Education

>>music rises and fades>>Yomi Noibi: EPA is
helping to educate people of Atlanta through the
colleges by providing them opportunities to
learn about green infrastructure as a way
of addressing the storm water issues affecting the
downstream communities. This young man is Emmanuel,
Morehouse student working on the green infrastructure
with our EPA grant.>>Emmanuel Russom: I’m
working on this conceptual program, and I love it
because I’m actually able to take part
in designing what the actual
infrastructure will be. And I love what I’ve
learned, and that’s simply that one person
can make a difference.>>Yomi Noibi: As an
educator – because what EPA’s doing is sowing
the seeds to advance green infrastructure as a
natural tool to address storm water issues. I had one of my students,
Imara – she said, “Dr. Yomi,
what – this is – green infrastructure is
nothing more than natural security for
storm water management.” Now, other students have
said things to share their understanding of
green infrastructure where they’re
coming from. EPA is investing
indirectly in people, and by so doing they’re
building relationships. In our case, it’s
Proctor Creek. We are teaching them
about learning from the environment, learning
about the environment, and learning from
the environment. So education is central
to EPA work in making a visible difference.

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