Marshmello vs. American Ninja Warrior – Will Mello Prevail?


Marshmello vs. American Ninja Warrior – Will Mello Prevail?

It’s Marshmello, One of the most popular DJ’s and Music Producers in the world. The guy’s a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior and he wanted to take a shot at the course fathers that numbers about to go up I don’t know how he’s going to the propeller on his marshmallow hands gonna be it away oh he’s don’t be fooled by the name female of squishy he’s legit that disguise now meet state is trembling hard on the jumping spider so produces four plaid musicians but he wanted snores like a new challenge and he’s gonna be able to go but now it’s a balance obstacle the laser beam No this is the twisted travel Mercer

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100 thoughts on “Marshmello vs. American Ninja Warrior – Will Mello Prevail?”

  1. Marshmello says:

    Watch the Lyric Video for Happier ▶
    Watch the Flashbacks Music Video ▶

  2. Peluzo Fighter says:

    Eres el mejor yo asta tengo tu skin de fortnite. 😀

  3. Panda Kawai says:

    Ohhh noo

  4. How to gaming - Brawl stars says:

    Plot twist : he is spiderman in wearing marshmello helmet

  5. TEEN HACKER says:

    Hlo shwetachauhan pehchana mujhe ?

  6. kiel angelo Estrella says:

    That is’t marshmello that is spider man a.k.a peter parker

  7. さう says:


  8. Andres Perez says:

    Alguien de mexico

  9. 09 Vrèuz says:

    GG spider Mello like sis tes français

  10. Rencho Sadjo says:


  11. yama gaming says:

    not marshmellow

  12. Gen Llamas says:

    Yo your channel and videos suck

  13. Беда [C-ops] says:

    Эйксайл заебал

  14. Lover’s Legit says:

    If he fell his helmet would have came off so he couldn’t lose

  15. 사탄 says:

    Oh where at marshmello i can see only spidermello

  16. Daphne Zhu says:

    He isn’t just a dj

  17. FaZe Carter TV says:

    Go marshmello

  18. anzaab akbarali says:


  19. Juan Christobal Herrera rodas says:

    No me gusta marshmello por que un dia mordi uno y estaba duro y no me gusto 😣

    Picale al boton de leer más

    Mentira solo miento😂😂

  20. Blue Gaming says:


  21. Shiji Sanjeev says:

    Not marshmello

  22. Rajesh Reang says:

    He is my idol

  23. the cokie ghost :o says:

    0:45 the kid of ninja ???

  24. Rare Rehaan says:

    Its not marshmallo

  25. 【のんこ愛好家】RS _クロネ says:


  26. 後藤久弥 says:


  27. Erme 911 says:

    Marsmelo me exita

  28. Bidyut Cykya says:

    Hit Like If you Feel It's Fack

  29. Jayadev Pradhan says:

    I think marshmello not a single person


    Con todo respeto eres un gran dj pero David ghetta Calvin Harris Kygo aparecieron antes y te hiciste famoso gracias al fornite
    ademas los gringos y sus artistas son buenos pero hay mejores en otros lados

  31. tu mama la gorda says:


  32. Rebecca Poole says:

    My mum was a ninja worrier but she had to disguise herself

  33. jt akif says:


  34. Angeline Posa says:

    What if, Marshmello drops his marshmello hat, I think all yhe people will say "*GASP*"

  35. {THE JOKER} says:

    WOW 😍👌

  36. Chano XD XD says:

    Viva marshmello Spider-Man
    Y viva mexico

  37. Juan sebastian Quintero bayona says:


  38. 先くんSAKIKUN says:


  39. María Fernanda Garcia says:

    were you really there or was it just an imitator?

  40. Dariana Duran says:

    Marshmello in love you

  41. mdkwjdk ksskjd says:


  42. Boi Fe4RLess Is God says:

    your better than Tyler (Ninja)

  43. Dasun Nirmal says:

    Marshmallow is a ninja warrior ❤

  44. erick velasco says:

    Marshmello!!!!! 😊

  45. Pieyre Sylvain says:

    Its not reel marshmellows

  46. Axl Steyt says:


  47. Aline Ecco says:

    É nois marshmallow 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  48. 八幡神 says:


  49. Leander Lührs says:

    Nice pakour

  50. Boruto y Himawari Uzumaki says:


  51. Hami Tube says:

    Niemand versteht mich gerade lol

  52. Meisi Studio says:

    LOVE. I

  53. 者ワイワイ says:

    Japan sasuke

  54. Ω Jeyzor Ω says:

    Yo no creo que ese sea Marshmello, no han pensado que pueden haber muchas personas que usen esa cabeza y esa ropa??

  55. Cesar Rodriguez cebrian says:

    Algun Mexicano!!!?😎🇲🇽

  56. Miguel Aponte says:

    This guy is amazing!!!!hfhafhaghfa

  57. MisAel 12 says:


  58. Roy Medina Palacios says:


  59. Maykon Venicius says:


  60. Maykon Venicius says:


  61. INFINITY S says:

    Asome marshmello

  62. INFINITY S says:


  63. チェダ says:


  64. Angel Del carmen says:

    Alguien en el 2019 viéndolo aún?

  65. Fakerboy Fakerboy says:


  66. 6st says:

    All that time with Ninja has made him into a parkour legend.

  67. Pride wolferscorp says:

    The skin of marshmello is truely white and this guy had not this … rly marshmello ?

  68. Dhio Andri says:

    Ada orang indo kah?

  69. Miles C. Anthony says:

    Hahaha, I don't know if that's actually you but if it is…this was pretty much flawless. 👍

  70. Kicked Bear says:

    Marshmello the king of dj

  71. Jhazue Javier says:


  72. mak pura says:

    Marshmello ur the best

  73. LiLy GaMer says:

    Good job! babe!!👍😅😘

  74. Jin Yi Chong says:

    Happier song

  75. Swagg Man games says:

    Good job my bro

  76. Bryan Carrillo says:

    Eres un ninja en american warrior y en fornite!!!

  77. 123 lord says:

    Meh alan walker is the best now marshmellow

  78. Diego Puttzis says:

    She is spidermello spidermello ti ti ri ti ti ti ti ti

  79. escrevi são correndo pau no cu de quem tá lendo says:

    Eta porra

  80. 黒虎&白虎 says:

    日本のサスケと比べると難度 普通

  81. やまぱん says:



  82. 推し齋藤飛鳥 says:


  83. Ajvaldez 26 a big fan of kingapdo says:

    *Marshmello is a god of DJ
    Marshmello is a god of parkour
    i just notice he Wears red shoes.*

  84. Silvia Ibarra espinosa says:


  85. Silvia Ibarra espinosa says:


  86. Silvia Ibarra espinosa says:


  87. mohsen uddin says:

    Who is he??

  88. rusii05013_YT says:


  89. Noob Gaming ツ says:

    Its Not The Real Mello.But Oh well…

  90. Big Smoke says:

    Spiderman wants to know your location

  91. [Spìkè] says:


  92. TrueKletoussFalse says:

    This is not marshmello hahahaha! Cool!!!

  93. Torrie Martinez says:


  94. ch hoppi says:


  95. david cardenas says:

    Te queremos y te amamos

  96. Gogeta SSJ4 says:

    I watch this again and it's still cool

  97. Julian Poveda vega says:


  98. 5 k subs with no videos says:

    Marshmallow: does something

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