Mary McArthur Elementary School Virtual Tour – Fayetteville, NC

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Mary McArthur Elementary School  Virtual Tour – Fayetteville, NC

Welcome to Mary McArthur Elementary
School where through our arts we are proud of our smarts come in let me take
you on a virtual tour welcome to the office the nucleus of our
school and home of the teachers lounge here is where we get our fuel for the
day okay just kidding now let’s meet our principals Mrs. Shirley Maclaurin and
this is Lisa Gillespie they believe that no significant learning occurs without a
significant relationship and they have a heart for our community okay now that
we’ve checked into the office let’s go learn through the arts as we travel down
the hallway we will see the media center let’s go inside our library’s main focus
is to provide a space with a wide range of resources including books
encyclopedias and technology to support learning throughout the school so as you
check out your items remember to spark your imagination with books Hey B
building is where our kindergarteners are let’s go see what they’re doing
kindergarten is the foundation year for our students to get used to the routines
of school the process of focusing and learning and the social skills involved
in making new friends the arts give our kindergarten students hands-on
experiences and allow them opportunities for self-expression they sing their numbers use their bodies
in creative dance use puppets color with crayons and so much more and they
do this right inside of their main classrooms also inside of B building is
our audiology clinic our audiologist is the professional who specializes in
evaluating and treating people with hearing loss Ahhh what a beautiful day to
enjoy our fountain in the courtyard let’s cut through here on our way to C
building C building is home to our first grade
classrooms this year our students enter their year of transition not only do our
first graders develop into individual critical thinkers but they also develop
an improvement in language and communication there is also one pre-k classroom in C
building looks like a story time in this pre-k classroom better not disturb they
might be preparing for naptime let’s head down to G building where our second
graders are developing greater comprehension skills In second grade our creative students
become better story writers as they are encouraged to write sentences and short
narratives about an event or characters they are also better at processing
information than they were a year ago and they can build on the things they
know to understand more about them now it’s time to visit third grade our
inquisitive third graders in D building are courageous
confident and open to new experiences they create maps Venn diagrams and webs to plan and organize their work and they are more responsible and independent
learners looks like pre-k just woke up from their
naps let’s go visit them at the playground actions such as crawling
jumping and running develop our students motor skills so we strongly encourage
our pre-k students to move their bodies the letter F is for 4th and 5th grade
our fourth graders use research tools such as dictionaries encyclopedias the
library and technology to gather information about topics they use their
abilities to express themselves in exciting ways and they spend time
focusing on subjects that interest them and our 5th grade students work hard on
projects and tasks that require them to draw on the skills and strategies they
have learned throughout their time in elementary school our students are also
challenged to have separate teachers for different subjects
this strategy prepares them for their middle school classes Mary MacArthur
elementary school is also home to programs catering to SED students and Deaf and hard-of-hearing students whoo! all that learning made me work up an appetite I think it’s time for lunch mmmm that was nutritious and delicious
now that our bellies are full let’s take a peek inside of the resource classes we
are extremely privileged to have dance PE
music art and theater classes as well as an open computer lab for the development
of self-expression confidence creative thinking and an overall healthy
lifestyle well the buses are leaving the parking
lot so this will conclude our virtual tour thank you for visiting Mary
McArthur A+ elementary school goodbye

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