Master of Counseling & Human Services Degree | Post University

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The three things that set Post University’s Masters of Science and Counseling and Human Services program apart from other programs is: Our faculty bring real life experience into the classroom. We offer internships and practicums where students get real life experience, and we offer an e-mentoring program. The e-mentoring program offers students in our program the opportunity to network with fellow colleagues as well as the course instructors and the moderator of the e-mentoring program. What “Post makes it personal” means to me is our students in our program are not just a number. They have a name, they have a face, they have a life story, and experiences they bring into our program where we learn from them while they’re learning from us as well. Academic success within our program is students excelling academically, taking course concepts into the real world, and becoming effective leaders within their profession.

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