Master of Pharmacy (Graduate Entry) at Curtin

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Curtin University’s Master of Pharmacy is a graduate entry degree. It’s for students who have a bachelor degree in something else, maybe a Bachelor of Science, and it provides them a professional qualification to become a pharmacist who can practice in Australia. When I discovered that doing a postgrad in pharmacy at Curtin was only 2 years, I decided to go for it. It’s a small group, so everyone’s very close to each other, everyone’s very helpful. The lecturers and tutors work really closely with you during the two-year program. You get to experience a lot in those two years. Pharmacy attracts students you really like to move with the changes in the profession. It also brings together their, kind of, geeky science side with their people skills. Having this mock pharmacy, it’s been very beneficial for the students because they get to experience what it’s like to be in the real world and what it’s like to grab the medication and how to counsel patients and they use the FRET system, which is the most updated system and that’s what most pharmacies are using at the moment. The degree has clinical placements in a number of units including a community pharmacy placement at the start of second year. I did four weeks at a community pharmacy, which was great. I learned so much. I did a six-week community placement. I really learned a lot and I had a chance to actually apply all the knowledge. The theory helps you obviously with knowledge and knowing and everything but then you need to apply it. Students get a great exposure to potential career paths and they also get to consolidate what they learn in class. They get to see what pharmacists really come across in practice and really get to enjoy that experience. Definitely go for it. It’s just a great experience and you learn so much.

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