Master of Public Health Degree Online, ATSU | Amanda Dixon

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Master of Public Health Degree Online, ATSU | Amanda Dixon

I am Mandy Dixon. I’m a graduate of A.T. Still
University’s Online Master’s of Public Health program. To me, public health is interesting because
it’s a great way to work with people. I’m very compassionate and empathetic and this
is a really great field for that. In the Master’s of Public Health program, my favorite part
was the practicum experience. It’s kinda’ like a field experience or an internship.
It really gave me that opportunity to work in the communities and work with individuals
on a public health level. The biggest benefits for me of the online
Master’s of Public Health program was that it was flexible. With it being online, I could
take a couple hours here, a couple hours there, and do my homework when it was convenient
for me. In the Online Public Health program, I thought that there was a great emphasis
in overall health, not just with public health in general, not only with dentistry, but there
was a lot of focus on wellbeing overall. With my degree, I hope to continue to work
in the field of public health, so I think that experience and education will be beneficial.

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