Master of Public Health | Online Learning | The University of Edinburgh

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Master of Public Health | Online Learning | The University of Edinburgh

My name is Anacret Byamukama,
I’m from Uganda and doing a Master of Public Health online distance learning
with the University of Edinburgh. I have had my career basically in the
medical background and I’ve been involved in research but with my undergraduate
level that was really not enough so I thought if I do a Master of Public
Health it will help propel my career in clinical research and
as far as the public health is concerned. Actually I have already started applying
some of the concepts that I’ve learned over the one year, because when I was
starting to get involved in the clinical research the clinical trials I had really
little knowledge as far as the field was concerned but after I have covered
the topics of you know epidemiology and biostatistics, and learnt about clinical
trials and other designs of research, I have found it is easier now
to apply it in my field already. With the research section it is definitely
measurable because I have improved my quality of work, like for
the clinical trials that I’m involved in, I have to gather data and enter it in and when usually the moment has come they
have noted that there has been great improvement as far as my data
gathering and entries concerned, and I think this is attributable to already
what I have learned over the course. I am a full time employee and I have
also been married so far for two years, I must say initially I was so much worried
how am I going to really handle the three- learning, you know, work and
then marriage- but I found it interesting, it’s just a matter of allocating time and
in the due course things run, I am able to do my assignments on time
despite the hectic work I am able to cover it and everything runs smoothly,
I do not have any complaints so far. I must say, working with a diverse
community of people from different countries, different backgrounds, is one
of the most interesting things you’ll meet in this programme, because people have had
different beliefs, different exposures so when you are tackling an idea people bring
their different backgrounds all together and the different nationalities, you know,
people bring their different experiences and I must say it’s really interesting and
challenging at the same time.

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