Master’s Ceremony Fall 2018

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Master’s Ceremony Fall 2018

– [Host] Distinguished guests, please welcome your Fall
2018 Georgia Tech graduates. (instrumental music) – [Host] Students, please rise
for the faculty processional. (instrumental music) – Good afternoon. Would the audience please
rise and remain standing for the singing of the national anthem which will be sung by Nothin’ But Treble. (woman humming) ♪ Oh say can you see ♪ ♪ By the dawn’s early light ♪ ♪ What so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ At the twilight’s last gleaming ♪ ♪ Whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ Through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ O’er the ramparts we watched ♪ ♪ Were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ And the rocket’s red glare ♪ ♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ Gave proof through the night ♪ ♪ That our flag was still there ♪ ♪ Oh say does that star-spangled ♪ ♪ Banner yet wave ♪ ♪ O’er the land of the free ♪ ♪ And the home ♪ ♪ Of the ♪ ♪ Brave ♪ (audience clapping) – Please be seated. Well, good afternoon. In addition to our students who are preparing for military service, I’d like for us to take just a moment to recognize all of the veterans and active service
members in the audience. If you’ve served or are currently serving in any branch of the US military, will you please rise and be recognized? (claps)
(audience clapping) Thank you for your service. At this time, I’m pleased to introduce
Elizabeth Quigley, a Masters candidate in Material
Science and Engineering, who will give our reflection. Elizabeth. – First of all, congratulations for making it here and I extend a special welcome to those of you from the
online Masters programs who are on Georgia Tech
campus for the first time. (audience clapping) (claps) Addressing Masters students and writing an all encompassing speech to best reflect our time at Georgia Tech gas been difficult for
me because there isn’t an easy definition of who we are or what we’ve all experienced. Some went through the online program, some are international students, some are trying to get
ahead in their career and some are using this as
a stepping stone to a PhD. Being a Master’s student, it’s
like being a middle child. It’s easier to define
us by what we are not. We are not the PhD students, the oldest children, who get lots of attention
because of their thesis, and we’re not the undergrads, the babies of the family, who have just completed
college for the first time. So what does this mean for us? It means, we are the undefinable. We are the ones who can easily
do anything or go anywhere or be anyone because we
don’t fit in a nice neat box. Coming to Georgia Tech, we have been welcomed into
this yellow-jacket family since our first day here and have in turn embraced the incoming
class in the same way. We have shared a few life
experiences together, like eating at The
Varsity or Waffle House, surviving a range of weather, from hurricanes to snowstorms, and realizing that in all our
16 pleasant years of schooling we only just learned
what a yellow jacket is. It’s the type of wasp, if you didn’t know. I have also learned that
we are stereotypical nerds, and proud of it. There you go! (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) But we are more than just nerds. My time here at Georgia
Tech in the Masters program has helped me discover
the courage to speak out when I’m not satisfied
with the status quo, draw attention to an issue and push towards a better
and brighter future, and this is not an
experience unique to me. Going through the Masters program at Georgia Tech has fostered in each of us the same ability to take
initiative and enact change. We all need to use our unique
set of skills and passions molded by our time at Georgia Tech to take initiate, speak out, create a moment in the spotlight and make a difference going forward. Today represents one of
those opportunities for me. I wanna take this time to say, we may be the undefinable, but our future is
defined by the same goal: to become the next generation of leaders, creators and change makers. I know this because
that’s what I’ve learned a yellow jacket is, not only a wasp, but a leader, a creator, a change maker, someone who can easily do anything or go anywhere or be anyone. Finally, there’s one last thing I would
like to say to all of you. It’s something my dad told me the first time I left my family, “This is your time to shine.” On behalf of the Class
of 2018, congratulations! (audience clapping)
(audience cheering) – [Man] Congratulations. – [Elizabeth] Thank you. – Congratulations and thank
you very much, Elizabeth. – Thank you. – Graduates, members of
the faculty and staff, distinguished guests, friends and families, it’s my great pleasure
to welcome you to the 256th commencement exercises here at the Georgia
Institute of Technology. (claps)
(audience clapping) This weekend’s commencement exercises recognize our Fall graduates. This afternoon we’ll celebrate 840 Master’s degree recipients, as well as 1,470 undergraduate degree recipients that we recognize tomorrow. This morning, we recognized 310 students
who received their PhD’s. As we celebrate the successful conclusion of one chapter of your
life-long education, it’s important to acknowledge that you have not done it alone. With us today are many
of your family members, your friends and your colleagues whose love and support helped
to make this day possible. In addition, with us are faculty members who’ve guided and mentored you as students, sharing with you their time, their wisdom, and their expertise in order to help each and every one of you reach your own fullest potential and achieve this important milestone. Will the members of the faculty please stand and be recognized. (claps)
(audience clapping) At this time, I’d like to introduce several
members of the stage party and ask that you hold your applause as they stand when I call their names and wait until I’ve finished
introducing all of them. Doctor Colin Potts, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and today’s mace bearer, (audience clapping) Doctor Chaouki Abdallah, Executive Vice President for Research, Doctor Archie Ervin, Vice
President for Institute Diversity, Mister John Stein, Vice President of Student
Life and Dean of Students, Doctor Paul Kohn, Vice Provost for Enrollment Services, Doctor Leslie Sharp, Associate Vice Provost, Graduate Education and
Faculty Development, Doctor Isabella Marques de Castilla, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Operating
Officer of the Library, Doctor Nelson Baker, Dean of Professional Education, and Mister Jeremy Gray,
Senior Associate Registrar. Let’s recognize them. (claps)
(audience clapping) This is a momentous day
for you as graduates and for your family and
friends who are sharing in the celebration of
your many accomplishments. You’ve worked very hard
to earn your degree from one of the best
institutions in the nation, and in some fields, one
of the best in the world. Georgia Tech faculty are engaged in research collaborations
in more than 100 countries. The Institute has global centers in Costa Rica, Panama and Singapore, and a joint campus that we’ve recently established in Shenzhen, China. For almost 30 years, Georgia Tech has had a
campus in Lorraine, France, and in that time, 8,700 students have
spent a semester or more at the Georgia Tech-Lorraine campus. Many of you have partnered in research with a potential to change our world. We have some truly incredible
graduate students today, and I’d like to mention just one of them. Ignacio Montoya came to the United States with his family from Cuba
when he was six years old. On the flight over, he
dreamed of becoming a pilot. While earning his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, he participated in the
Air Force ROTC program and earned a coveted
slot for pilot training. His dream was taken away from him though when he suffered a spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident. After being a patient at the Shepherd Center here in Atlanta, he pursued a new dream, a dream of assisting others who had experienced spinal cord injuries and to potentially help them walk again. He enrolled in Tech’s Master of Biomedical Innovation
and Development Program and earned his degree this past summer and will receive his diploma today. He’s now working as a Program
Director at Shepherd’s. Please join me in congratulating
Ignacio for his journey. (claps)
(audience clapping) Ignacio is just one of many students that are graduating today. Here at Georgia Tech, we pride ourselves on being trailblazers who drive real-world change
by embracing challenges, thinking critically and
developing innovative solutions to some of the world’s
most pressing problems. Your Georgia Tech education is designed to prepare you
to work collaboratively to identify challenges
and create solutions and to be leaders in business,
industry and government, and in the communities in which you will live, work and play. Georgia Tech is in the
business of creating the next, the next idea, the next technology, next innovator and the next entrepreneur. We’re empowering the next generation of scientists, engineers,
businessmen and women, architects and so many others, engendering in each of them the passion and skills that they will need to design our future. Each of you will be forever
linked to this great institution and I can’t wait to see
the spectacular things that you all accomplish. Congratulations. (claps)
(audience clapping) We’re fortunate today to have as our commencement speaker, Sebastian Thrun, a renowned innovator, entrepreneur, educator and computer scientist. He is currently the CEO
of Kitty Hawk Corporation and Chairman and co-founder of Udacity. The name comes from the company’s desire to be, quote, audacious
for you, the student. Some of you will recognize
Udacity as the platform that helped start the craze
that we know of as MOOCs or Massive Open Online
Courses just a few years ago and as a vital partner in facilitating Georgia Tech’s Online Masters of Science
degree in Computer Science which we fondly refer to as OMS CS. Doctor Thrun was born
in Solingen, Germany, at that time, West Germany. He completed his Vordiplom in intermediate or
Intermediate Examination in Computer Science Economics and Medicine at the University of Hildesheim in 1988. At the University of Bonn, he completed a Diplom or first degree in 1993 and his PhD, summa cum laude, in 1995 in Computer
Science and Statistics. Doctor Thrun has been a Google
Vice President and Fellow, a Professor of Computer
Science at Stanford University and has served in several capacities at Carnegie Mellon University. He founded Google self-driving car team, named Stanley, which won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Stanley is now on display at
the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space
Museum in Washington, DC. Together with Peter Norvig, Doctor Thrun developed
the first global MOOC, with 160,000 students enrolled. He also founded Google X where he founded the Google Glass, among many other projects. Doctor Thrun was elected to the National Academy of Engineering and the German Academy
of Sciences at age 39. Fast Company named him the 5th most creative person in business and Foreign Policy Magazine
ranked him number four on the list of top 100 global thinkers. He’s won numerous awards, including the prestigious
Max-Planck-Research Award. Doctor Thrun has been an
adjunct professor here at Georgia Tech in the School
of Interactive Computing since the OMS CS degree
was launched in 2014. Three times a year, he teaches the OMS CS course called Artificial Intelligence for Robotics: Building a Robotic Car. At Stanford where he’s
also an adjunct professor, Doctor Thrun leads a team of
expert computer scientists with a singular aim of
significantly helping society through artificial
intelligence technologies. They are constantly on the
lookout for high-impact projects. They’ve worked on robotics,
self-driving cars, automated homes, health care, drones, and a number of other applications and his group is currently
focusing on three areas: AI for health care, AI
for people prediction, and smart homes. We’re honored to have
him speak to us today as Georgia Tech’s 256th
commencement speaker. Please join me in welcoming
Doctor Sebastian Thrun. (audience clapping) – Dear President Peterson, dear Provost Bras, dear deans and faculty colleagues, dear Georgia Tech staff, and most importantly, dear graduating class, family and friends, thank you so much for inviting me for your commencement speech. I’m honored. This is your day, an incredible celebration. You did the unthinkable. You are graduating from one of the most distinguished universities in the world. I hope that your pride of what
you have accomplished today will last for a lifetime and I also hope that you never forget the responsibility to leverage your newly-found wisdom for the betterment of
the people of the world, and the entire planet. Let me tell you two stories. In 2009, I was approached by Larry Page, co-founder of Google. I had just won a historical
self-driving car competition sponsored by the US government called the DARPA Grand Challenge. In this fierce competition, one of the 96 robots competed
a race through Mojave Desert. My team from Stanford came first. (audience clapping) With this victory, I had become the world-leading expert on self-driving cars, (audience clapping) but Larry wanted me to make robot that could drive on public roads, on all public roads, in between other traffic, bicycles, playing children, even possums and armadillos. I told Larry, “That can’t be done.” I was, after all, the world expert on self-driving cars. I knew for a fact it could not be done and if I, the leading expert
in the world, would say so, it had to be true, but Larry can be persistent. Next day, he nagged me again, and again. “It can’t be done!” I raised my voice. So Larry changed taglines. “Okay, okay, Sebastian. “I get it. “It can’t be done, “but just so that I can
convey to Eric Schmidt “and Sergey Brin why it can’t be done, “can you give me the
technical explanation?” I was dumbfounded. In the days that pursued, I could not think of a
single technical reason, as hard as I tried. “So perhaps it can be done?” I said timidly. Larry smirked. So we started the Google Chauffeur project which today is known as Waymo. Within 18 months, my team of only 12 engineers managed to build self-driving cars that drove 100,000 miles on
public roads in California without a single incident. John Markoff from the New York Times, the leading tech journalist at the time wrote he experienced goosebumps when riding our car as a passenger. Today, the team has driven over 10 million miles with no serious accident
ever caused by the machine. (audience clapping) Self-driving cars are real. This technology is about to change transportation at a massive scale. Every automotive OEM, every Tier-1 supplier, every Silicon Valley technology giant and every ridesharing company has made self-driving cars their priority. Not only could it be done, it was easy. Looking back, I learned an important lessons that day, something it makes me be
humble to the present day. A Stanford dropout with little or no experience
in robotics new better what could be done than I could do it myself, the world expert in self-driving cars. It was Larry’s can-do attitude
that really made it happen. “It can be done!” In 2011, my Google colleague, Peter Norvig and I, offered a Stanford credit class on artificial intelligence online for students all over the
world, free of charge. In just a few weeks, 160,000 students signed up. 10 weeks later, 23,000 students graduated
at Stanford level. This class became the
first very global MOOC or Massive Open Online Course. Thousands of other MOOCs followed. The New York Times declared 2012 the Year of the MOOC. This time, it was my turn to apply my
learnings from Larry Page. I went from university to university to convince presidents and provosts to leverage MOOC technology to create new online degree programs that could reach anyone, anywhere, and in a much more affordable price. Time and time again, I was told, “It could not be done. “Online could never replicate
the classroom experience. “Online would never be of high quality. “Online would never provide the same “level of student learning. “Online would never attract
top-notch students,” and perhaps most tellingly, “Discounting tuition rates “would destroy our higher
education as we know it today.” It was immoral. Here at Georgia Tech,
people were different. My now brother, Zvi Galil, joined by Provost Bras, Dean
Baker, and former Dean DeMillo, decided it was worth a try. Make no mistake, Zvi, Rafael and Nelson knew
it was a risky proposition. Failure would inevitably
lead to public shaming by the higher accretion establishment and this would have likely have great, grave personal consequences, but we all felt the potential benefit to future students would outweigh the risk, and after all, it could be done. We knew it could be done. In 2013, with my education
startup, Udacity, with financial support from AT&T, Georgia Tech started building the world’s first MOOC-inspired Online Master’s degree
of it’s kind, the OMS CS. To our amazement, the Georgia Tech faculty professors bought into this vision with enthusiasm. There must be something special in the drinking water of Atlanta. Today the OMS CS has become the largest online degree of its kind. It is every little bit as high quality as Georgia Tech’s famed on-campus degree, and most importantly, it has brought better level of education to thousands of students
who otherwise would not benefit from what Georgia
Tech has to offer, including many of you. Along with AT&T and Udacity, Georgia Tech wrote history. So, yes, it could be done. It has been done. We did it! I’m so excited. Hundreds of you in the crowd today are graduating from this program today. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) In my final words, let me focus on something I know well, technology. Almost everything we cherish today has been invented in the past 100 years: texting, smartphones, the Internet, penicillin, cars, airplanes. Who of you can even imagine a world without a flushing toilet or electricity? All this in just 100 years, and yet humanity, they expect hundreds
of thousands of years. When it comes to innovation, I am convinced only 1% of interesting things have been invented yet. Only 1% of the work is done. Only 1% of technologies have been invented and only 1% of solutions have been found. This means 99% are there for you to discover. (audience clapping) Graduates, it will be your mission, should you choose to accept it, to advance society to the next level. Join me in making the
world a better place. You can make the difference. Remember, it can be done. Today is a day of celebration, and in your joy, you know
the sky is limitless. You can feel it. You are rightfully proud. I want you all remember
forever how you feel today. There will come the day when you are being told,
“It cannot be done.” There will be the day
when you tell yourself, “It cannot be done.” I urge you never to take no for an answer. I urge you to never give up. Remember, it can be done. It can always been done. In graduating from Georgia Tech today, you already proved to yourself that you can do it. Congratulations and thank you. (audience clapping)
(audience cheering) – (speaks off microphone) Thank you, Sebastian. My staff here at Georgia Tech got this wonderful gift for you, but as I was sitting there
listening to your speech, I thought that we could
give you another gift. So I’ll give you this one. – Thank you. – I’d ask that all the
students that are graduating with an OMS CS degree
stand and be recognized. (claps)
(audience clapping) A special congratulations to you students. There are 300 others that weren’t able to make it to commencement today. We now come to the time that
all of you’ve been waiting for, the conferring of your degrees. The moment of walking across the stage represents the culmination of much work and achievement for each of our graduates. I’d ask that after you receive
your onstage recognition, you return to your seat and
show your fellow students the same respect that they given
you as you crossed the stage. At this time, I’m pleased to welcome Doctor Rafael Bras, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs to the podium. Doctor Bras will now present the candidates for the Master’s degree. – Good afternoon. Today, we will begin the ceremony
by taking a little moment to award a doctoral degree
to a student that due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances could not attend the morning’s ceremony. – [Host] Doctor of fi-lo, Doctor of Philosophy. (audience clapping) – [Host] Doctor Benoit Raymond Jacques. (audience clapping) – Now we will continue
with the Master candidates for Interdisciplinary degrees
across multiple colleges. Will the candidates in Analytics, Computational Science and Engineering, Paper Science Engineering, Quantitative and Computational Finance, Human Computer Interaction, Bioengineering, Statistics, and Cyber Security rise
and remain standing. Mister President, I have the honor of presenting
to you those candidates for the Master of Science degree who have completed their requirements
for this degree. – [Host] Master of Science in Analytics: Interdisciplinary with
the College of Computing, the Scheller College of Business and the College of Engineering. Kumar Abhishek, Mansi Arora, Sowmya Chakravarthi, (instrumental music)
Nirmit Chetwani, Nicole Renee de Vries, Allison Mae Giddings, David W. Hutcherson II, Stephanie Janine Jennings, Nitish Kholgade, Olakunle J. Lawal, Tianyi Liu, Xinyi Liu, Jeh Nitin Lokhande, Segolene Muderhwa, Chase Tyler Nicholson, Jihwan Oh, Chinmay Palande, Matthew William Parmelee, Juan Pablo Peche Altez, Sagar Prasad Babu, Somrita Sarkar, Aalok Ganesh Shanbhag, Beenapreet Kaur Singh. – [Host] William Lawrence Sweet. – [Host] Raghav Tandon, Minghan Xu. Master of Science in Computational
Science and Engineering: Interdisciplinary with
the College of Computing, the College of Sciences and
the College of Engineering: Victor Ayoola Awoderu, Amelia Marita Glaese, Xun Cao, Yukun Ding, Cong Du, Tian Jin, Zhixian Jin, also receiving a Master of
Science in Chemical Engineering, Han Li, Han Liu, Hongsup Oh, also receiving a Master
of Mechanical Engineering, Sumana Sen, Nan Wang, Yifei Wang, Peijun Jasper Wu, Yang Wu, Xiangyi Yan, also receiving a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering. – [Host] Sowmya Yellapragada. – [Host] Zhuoran Yu, Mianzhen Zha, Hansen Zhao. Master of Science in Quantitative
and Computational Finance: Interdisciplinary with the
Scheller College of Business, The College of Sciences and
the College of Engineering: – [Host] Eduardo Arnoldo Aguilar. – [Host] Daniel Robert Blachno, Quinn Todd Borkey, Zhenduo Cao, Vinita Chavali, James Richard Fields, Samrangi Ghosh, Thomas William Howley, Ruixin Jiao, Jongha Kim. – [Host] Yao Kuang. – [Host] Patrick L. La Fontaine. – [Host] Xiaolu y-it Li. – [Host] Zebing Li, Suyang Lu. – [Host] Zeyao Luan. – [Host] Rachit Maheshwari, Joseph Patrick Mcdonough, Christopher Julian Owen, Rohit Ranjan, Nancy Razzouk, Swapnil Ghanshyam Shendre, Kshitij Singla, Harshad Sukalikar, Sebastian Dante Weijerman, Xinhai Xie, Celin Yin, Qingyang Yu, Rousen Zhou. Master of Science in Bioengineering: Interdisciplinary with
the College of Sciences and the College of Engineering: Karthiga Mahalingam. Master of Science in Statistics: Interdisciplinary with the Scheller College of Business, the College of Sciences and
the College of Engineering: Zixuan Cheng, Kaiyue Li, Tianyu Li, Haoli Sun, Jong-Hwan Sun, Yifu Sun. – [Host] Visswanath Venkataraman. – [Host] Yujia Xue. Master of Science in Cyber Security: Interdisciplinary with
the College of Computing, the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and the College of Engineering: Mo Chen, Dhaval Kapil, Jiahui Li. – [Host] Ma-mak sa-kung-gray-vuh. – [Host] Rutwa Saurabh Shah, Nishith Sinha, Hedi Wang, Mingxuan Yao. – I will now introduce the
academic deans by college who will present candidates for the Master’s degrees. Dean Zvi Galil will present
the Master candidates for degrees in the College of Computing. – Candidates for the
Master of Science degree in the College of Computing, please rise and remain standing. (audience clapping) Mister President, I have the honor and
pleasure presenting to you those candidates for the
Master of Science degree who have completed the
requirements for this degree. – [Host] From the College of Computing, Master of Science in Computer Science: Deshraj Yadav, Sandeep Adhikari, Mallika Aggarwal, Abhinaya Agrawal, Heidi Lawthorne Ahders, Zakariya Dawood Ahmad, Seunghwan Ahn, Mansour Ahmed Alharthi, Tomas Aliaga, Chase Wharton Anderson. – [Host] Andrew Agwot Angoyar. – [Host] Arathi Arivayutham, Jagan M. Ayalasomayajula, Meghana Nagendra Babu, Edwin Michael Bearss, Krishan Bhagat, Pooja Bhandary Shivanand, Tarun Bhatia, Ashwin Anupam Bhide. – [Host] Tanmay H Binaykiya. – [Host] Stefan Bjelcevic, Thibaut Boissin, Mugdha Arun Bondre, Larry Andrew Booker, Benjamin Allen Williams Booth, John Porter Borsi. – [Host] Derek Michael Britt. – [Host] Jason L. Buoni. – [Host] Mohammed moo-wayn. – [Host] Aaron Michael Buxbaum, Joshua David Calhoun, Marvin Cangcianno, Donna Bianca Carey, Logan R. Carpenter, Ryan Carr, Gustavo Royer Chaurais, Guangxu Chen, Nuo Chen, Shujie Chen, Adrian Kok Chun Chia, Daniel Kang Jie Chia, Saravanan Chinnappa, Christopher Morgan Church, Sireesha Cinthala, Christopher Connor Collins, Matthew Lee Corbett, Christopher Ray Coykendall, Peter Joseph Crefeld III, Peter Arthur Crist, J. Colin Crowley, Stephen Craig Daimler, Zachary Ryan Dan, Raj Kripal Danday, Varun Bharatkumar Dani, Christopher Michael Dannemiller, Ayan Das, Chetan Deshpande, Danielle Renee Detering, Josemaria L. Dolores, Patrick James Donovan, Jeffrey Lee Drasher Jr., Ryan Dymock, Adrien Lucas Ecoffet, Wooyong Seo Ee, Timothy Charles Esposito, Andrew Gen-Wei Eu, Christine Marie Feeney, Ivan Alexis Fernandez, William Sharpless Fox, Benjamin Alain Fulton, Vincent Martin Gacutan, Cheng Hann Gan, Jorge Enrique Gil, Brett Allen Henne. – [Host] Sakshi Gandhi. – [Host] Hasti Ghabel, Frank Patrick Ginac, Nathaniel Moore Glaser, Trevor John Goodyear, Susmita Gorai, James Michael Gorman, Rascive D. Grant, Siddharth Gulati, Irtaza Haider, Michell Setyawati Handaka, Alyssa Dupre Hardy, Adam Clinton Hedges, Christine Robie Herlihy, Elizabeth ChiMing Hesser, Shinya Hirata, Lars-Ruben Hirsch, Andrea Chi-En Hu, Margaret Yongchi Huang, Kaspar Ulrich Hugentobler, Eric Brandon Ianni, Ramesh G. Iyer, Chirag S. Jamadagni, Kevin Jonathan Jeyakumar, Aditi Prakash Jog, Leann Michele Johnson, Mihir Shrirang Joshi, Venkatasatyanarayana Kamisetti, Robert Matthew Keezer, Mohammed Abdul Farhan Khan, Saad Aslam Khan, Gleb Borisovich Kharko, Kanchan Khurad, Adam Michael Kibit, Hyunsoo Kim, Joonho Jonathan Kim, Kyu Kim, Sehee Kim, Naveen Kodali, Vinayakumar Kolli, Timothy Konchou, Michell Alan Kosier, Matthew Lee Krueger, Kevin Nicholas Kulp, Awanish Kumar Golwara, Juan Carlos Kuri Pinto, Ofer Lahav, Seung Hoon Lee, Shih-Gian Lee, Jin Lin, Yuan Liu, Juan Alejandro Llanes, Crystal Y. Lo, Tiago Prado Lone, Alexis Pascal Lozano, Diego Ivan Lozano Trevino. – [Host] Dennis Edgar Lynch. – [Host] Jennifer Sookman Ma, Andrey M. Makhanov, John Lawrence Mansfield, Amin Michael Mansuri, Meghana Sree Manusanipalli, Kathleen Yoo-Ri Mareck, Eduardo Martinez, Gregoire Gustave Martini, Mansi Mathur, Shawn George Maydwell, Robert Nelson Mays, Karishma Vivek Mayur. – [Host] James R. McKoon, Jr. – [Host] Qipe Mei, Nidhi Nirmal Menon, Michael David Milbank, Devaj C. Mitra, Maksood Mohiuddin, David Jesse Moody III, Kristin Michelle Morgan, Girish Narayanan Murali, Sarvenaz Laussermair Myslicki, Athira Balasubramanian Nair, Sunil Nair, Michael Brian Nation, Heather Lakota Newman, Kai Niu, Daynell Sheldon O’Conor. – [Host] Gaurav Ojha. – [Host] Brian Paul Olson, Mehul Babubhai Patel, Sunny Jitubhai Patel, Alexander George Peattie, Esaias Alberto Pech Aguilar, Unmesh Phadke, Adarsh Ramanathan, Tammy Lynn Preuss, Rithvik Pudota. – [Host] Aravind Rajamani, Keshav Ramani. – [Host] Rahul Ramkumar, Adhithya Ravishankar, Neetha Ravishankar, Najeeb U. Rehman, Nimra Rehmnan, Missus Fatima Rashid Riaz, Daniel Ray Rich, Jamie Lee Richgels, Jean Michel Rouly, Tom Robin Ruckle, Jyoti Saini, Nick Salerni, Gautam Vijay Salhotra, Aleksandr Sandrovskii, Erin Michelle Schmidt, Omar Mansoor Sharifali, Shruti Sanjay Shinde, Zedd Michael Shmais, Jiya Singh, Adam Michael Smith, Christopher Lyle Smith, Abhishek Kamlesh Soni, Oluwatosin Sonuyi, Dennis German Sosa, Evan Scott Stohlmann, Timothy Brandon Storm, Philip Andrew Strawser, Yijin Su, Rafay Abdul Syed, Jin Dong Tang. – [Host] Nezir Teke. – [Host] Kaloyan Georgiev Tenchov, Vaibhav Vinay Tendulkar, Eviatar Tenne, Brian David Terczynski, Enzo Christian Salomon Testa, Ling Tian, Victor Hugo Torres Ayala, Melissa Ann Aiko Toy, Kevin Tran, Ngoc T. Tran, Bradley Aaron Tucker, Rajendra Ugrani, Jalil Vaidya, Russell Edward Van Dam, John Thomas Van Wagenen, Peter Andrew Vanness, Joji Varghese, Sneha Venkatachalam, Juan Carlos Vizueta, Matthew Allen Wagner, Morcous Wahba, Jacob David Walsh, Lei Wang. – [Host] Yichuan Wang. – [Host] Patrick Austin Ward, Harry Ryan Weaver, Kevin Andrew Weed, Gregory Scott Whittier, Jake Williams, Mark Wilson. – [Host] Ken Wong. – [Host] Ting Shuo Wu, Ngar Dat Arthur Yip, Amal Younes, Paul Anthony Zakas, Shimin Zhang, Yuhan Emma Zhang. – [Host] Kun Zhu. – [Host] Travis Joseph Zoucha. – Dean Jacqueline Royster will present the Master
candidates for degrees in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. – Good afternoon, everyone. Will the candidates for the
Master of Science degree in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts please rise and remain standing. (audience clapping) Mister President, I have the honor of
presenting to you those candidates for the
Master of Science degree who have completed the
requirements for this degree. – [Host] From the Ivan Allen
College of Liberal Arts Master of Science in Economics: – [Host] Anashua Ananga. – [Host] Erik Bijan Alexander. – [Host] Fedor M. Klimov. – [Host] Master of Science
in International Affairs: Kyle Emerson Sledge. Master of Science in Public Policy: Jillian Lee Stevens. – Dean Stephen French will
present the Master candidates for the degrees in the College of Design. – Candidates for the Master’s degrees in the College of Design,
please rise and remain standing. (audience clapping) Mister President, I have the honor of presenting
to you those outrageously creative problem solvers
for the Master’s degree from the College of Design who have completed the
requirements for this degree. – [Host] From the College of Design, Master of Real Estate Development: Richard Goldthwait, Rama Karlapalem, Jose L. Sanchez-Nunez. Master of Science in
Geographic Information Sciene and Technology: – [Host] Jian Pang. – [Host] Master of
Science in Urban Design: – [Host] Jiho John Choi. – [Host] Tejas Kishor Khandekar, Karen Niranjana Rebecca Vijayanand, Wenyue Zhang. Master of Industrial Design: Tanvi Olivia Singh. Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management: Ipsitha Bayapu. – [Host] Maricio Zapeta. – [Host] Simon Joaquin Clopton, also receiving a Master of
Real Estate Development, Sweta Rohan Dabir. – [Host] Dee-yah-lo. Dhwanil V. Doshi. – [Host] Urvashi Gupta, Sambhav Navinkumar Jain, Rida Klink, Sooraj Kumar, Tommy Kurniawan, Ratan Lal. – [Host] Wei Chen Lin. – [Host] Ali Mohammad, Jonghun Park. – [Host] Aesha Rajesh Patel. – [Host] Prakhar Sahu, Akash Pankit Shah, Sulekha Singh, Demetrius Antwon Smith, Gitanjali Tiwari, Chirag Venkatesan, Duo Xu. – [Host] Vikas Yelagandula. Master of Architectural Technology: – [Host] Tanushree Charan, Yifan Li, Mengyue Liao, Ruicong Liu, Sean Christopher Miller, Sounok Sarkar, Xueying Wang, Jinglin Yang, Sohail Haroon. Master of City and Regional Planning: Darian T. Agnew, also receiving a Master of
Science in Public Policy. – Dean Maryam Alavi will
present the Master candidates for degrees in the Ernest
Scheller Jr. College of Business. – Woohoo.
(audience cheering) Good afternoon. Will candidates for the Master degree in Business Administration please rise and remain standing. (audience cheering) Mister President, I have the honor of presenting to you those candidates for a Master in Business Administration who have met all
requirements for this degree. It’s so exciting you see, guys? (chuckles)
(audience cheering) – [Host] From the Ernest
Scheller Jr. College of Business, Master of Business
Administration – Global Business: Anand Amirineni, Kyle Timothy Armour, Denardo Jamaal Basden, Rajanikanth Boini, Frederick John Boyd, Leonard Carl Boyer II. – [Host] James Oscar Butler Jr. – [Host] Kaltrina Baraliu Carney, Ebrima M. Cham, Jennifer Lynette Dennis, Swapnil Deshpande. – [Host] Robert Jason Dowdee. – [Host] Hunter Matthews Dreidame, Christel Dionne Embry, Angela Marie Etheridge, Eric Fender, Alexandra Fotos, Christopher James Frazer, James Douglas Goodwin Jr., McMillian Rea Grainger, Patrick James Guerin, Stephan Hardt, Pooja Ambrish Hardy, Khatera Hashuri, Cecilia Holman. – [Host] Gregory Hutchison. – [Host] Ankur Jain, Vishal Kandachiya, Daniel Ray King, Tonya Monique Kirby, Lindsay Leigh Koch, Manish Kumar, Michael Levonia Lamb II, Torrae Nicole Lawrence-Mitchell, Shannon Lindsley, Rupesh Manugula, James Martin III. – [Host] Jeevan Mathew. – [Host] James W. McNair, Reveca Joann Mladenoff, Michael Blake Moody, Neena Musti, Kelli Danielle Pardo, Maureen Gail Portee, Gabrielle Miguel Alejandro Prado, John Sergeant Puckett, Robert Alan Rodden, Karina Romero, Ignacio Joserra Rossani-Ortega, Francina Launette Rutledge, Jigesh Saheba, Chaitra Shekar, Alex Reza Soltani, Mahsa Soltani, Elkyaer Torres Avila, Alycia Eleanor Waller, Paul Michael Webber, Benjamin Richard White, Jason Patrick Wolfe. Master of Business Administration in Management of Technology: Mohamed Ahmed Arafa, Mark Garland Bailey, Shaw G. Brown, Jake Dallon Bunn, Jorge Andres Castelo Grijalva, Ramprasad Krishnan Chenchu, Marcello Castagna Clo, Parisia Gwencharis Clyburn-Patton, Rasheed Malik Cottman, Ryan Edward Crandall, Alexander Kramer Perrin Crumpler, Zhengwei Wang, Cajgie McGaha Dickey, Scott Garrison Farester, Chaoying Yao, Daniel Jacob Frye, Jacob Moshe Gelbaum, Ali Reza Ghani. – [Host] Luis Fernando Gomez. – [Host] Jeffery Wade Gulley, Kunal Gupta, Ashleigh Suzanne Hayman, Kenneth Byron Hoffman, Lori Gunby Hosea, Ronald Fitzgerald Johnson, Mitzi Danielle Jones, Kevin Yun Kim, Saket Kumar, Thomas A. Lesnik, Brittany Lane Lucas, James E. Lyons, David Harrell Martinez, Brandon Lyle Melton, Brian Anthony Moorman, Raghavendra Mummadi, Sri Nallamani, Harichandan Nidumukkala, Wendy L. Niebank, Matthew Gary Ockwell, Leke A. Ogundepo, Alexander Robert Perroy, Yuvaraj Raju, Bernardo Stevon Richardson, Mark Joseph Robertson Jr., Christopher Sanchez, Srinivasa Rao Sayana, Vince Vinod Shah, Alexander Kyle Spradling, Sonja Vernita Stanley, Chelsea Herring Titus, Diego Palliser Tuleski, Lakshman Tulsiram, Amoolya Vishal Upadhyay, Vasu Vasili, Rebecca Jane Von Der Heide, Zaheer Aziz Wadhwania, Elizabeth Nickerson White, Huiqun Zhang. Master of Business Administration: Shaughn Michael Balezentes, Brittney Danielle Beard. – [Host] Natalia Beinenson. – [Host] Richard Cody Bruggemann, Andrew Robert Burkholder, Po Wei Chan, Tatenda Chavhunduka, Raymond Chu, Ginah Veronica Colon, David Paul Conti, Victoria Nicole Custodio, Matthew Thomas Davis, Diane Lee Dennis. – [Host] Tashi Nicole English. – [Host] Farrah Mariann Fakhraee, Jamesha Dichelle Foote, Elizabeth Locke Franzetti, Kyle Mark Galenski, Graham E. Gintz, Alexandra Danielle Glass, Charles A. Hardin, Christopher Lee Hunter, Mark Anthony Johnson, Jerel Armonte’ Jordan, Marie Stephanie Kamwa Pouomegne, Matthew Brittain Keiser, Hunter Christopher Lainhart, Robin Peter Liang, Carolanne Lucille Lott, George Patrick Marshall, Dominique Maurice Mathis, also receiving a Master of
Real Estate Development, Jessica Lynn McBride, James Richard McCormick, Rene Osborne Meadors, Suliat Oyindamola Olusanya, Benjamin Trent Perkins, Daniel Edward Pratt, Arianna Tianyzu Robinson. – [Host] Rebecca Marie Royster. – [Host] William J. Ruffin, Arturo De Jesus Santa Ruiz, Jacquelyn Renee Schneider, Curren Daniel Shorte, Stephanie Lynne Travis, Cory Louis Tripp, Hannah Wuinn McDaniel Tripp, Andrew S. Walker, Marcus Alexander Walker, Connor Welborn, Stanford Davis Wood. – Associate Dean Julia Kubanek will present the Master candidates for degrees in the College of Sciences. – Candidates for the
Master of Science degree in the College of Sciences, please rise and remain standing. (audience clapping) Mister President, I have the honor of presenting to you those candidates for the
Master of Science degree who have completed the
requirements for this degree. (instrumental music) – [Host] From the College of Sciences Master of Science in Biology: Cristian Voicu Crisan, Jennifer Diane Iacono. Master of Science in Bioinformatics: Kunal Agarwal, Dongjo Ban, Genevieve Rose Brandt. – [Host] Tomas Bruna. – [Host] Harshini Chandrashekar, Saurabh Gulati, Ragy Haddad, William Thomas Harvey, He Yuntian, Jane Lew, Jiani Long, Jui Chang Lu, Wilson N. Martin III, Shrey Mathur, Yusuph Mnaya Mavura, Sini Nagpal, Yihao Ou, Prachiti Prakash Prabhu, Wenyi Qiu, Beatriz Eugenia Saldana Farias, Ayush Semwal. – [Host] Nirav Nimesh Shah. – [Host] Sarthak Sharma, Mohit Manoj Thakur, Stephen Mandis Wist, Qinyu Yue. Master of Science in Mathematics: Christopher R. Dular. Master of Science in Physics: Brian Matthew Day. Master of Science in Chemistry: Jonathan Josue Flores. – Associate Dean Doug Williams will present the Master candidates for degrees in the College of Engineering. – Candidates for the
Master of Science degree in the College of Engineering, please rise and remain standing. (audience clapping) Mister President, I have the honor of presenting to you those candidates for the
Master of Science degree who have completed the
requirements for this degree. – [Host] From the College of Engineering Master of Biomedical
Innovation and Development: Temiloluwa Adeniyi, Amulya Ananda Kumar, Amrita Bhowmick. – [Host] Anshuj Deva. – [Host] Kathleen Ana Gonzalez, Ananya Gupta. – [Host] Stuti Sagar. – [Host] Jyuthika Probal Sen, Prity Singh. – [Host] Sanjana Kishan Singh. – [Host] Ignacio Montoya. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Master of Science in
Supply Chain Engineering: Nitish Agarwal, Alejandro Antonio Chew, Visarut Chokechalermwat, Larissa Del Toro Sanchez, Arne Dieckmann. – [Host] Bay-via de-ve-la. – [Host] Asmae El Hirache, Sana Fathima, Jie Huang, Nikhil Jain, Luis Juarez Mejia, Pralav Kumar, Aashit Manchanda, Lydia Febrina Mangiwa, Felipe Matheson Pivcevic, Nicholas Colwell Munoz, Peng Zhou, Chawin Poenateetai, Kumar Rajarshi, Christian Matthew Rivera, Deeksha Russell, Namrata Raghu Sanil. – [Host] Camille Xiao, De-raj. – [Host] Andres Vega, Nachiappan Velappan, Suraj Vissa, Yuyan Wang, Yulun Wu, Han Xu, Jiakun Xu, Wanchun Yang. – [Host] Dj-ah-lee-dj-aw. – [Host] Sipeng Zheng, Yue Zhu. Master of Science in Medical Physics: Serdar Charyyev, Bryce Vern Murray, Alexander James Stanforth, Gary Regan Stinnett. Master of Science in Health Systems: Alexander Singh-Yearn Ng. – [Host] Dee-yem Tron. – [Host] Zola Alene Zalesky Lopeman. Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering: Vedant Kiritkumar Mehta, also receiving a Master of
Science in Aerospace Engineering. Master of Science in Operations Research: Shiladitya Banerjee. – [Host] Maximiliano Enrique Cubillos. – [Host] Juan Pablo Delgado Ardia, Kimberly Carter Duane, Shubhayan Ghoshal, Zachary Christopher Meeks, also receiving a Masters of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Joy Narang. – [Host] Wen-wong-yung. – [Host] Jiyong Kim, Can Wang. Master of Science in
Industrial Engineering: Guilhem Marie Andre Pierre Bau, Jayesh Prafulla Bhat, Benjamin Jin Choi. – [Host] Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, Pierre Faure. – [Host] Carston Clare Feigleson, Mohamad Omar Fleifel, Yuan Gao, Kusumaker Gupta, Jhen-Yi Hong, Chao-Yu Hung, Sunil S. Jaishankar, Yu-Ming Kuo, Lisa Yi Liu, Aniket Anil Mohgaonkar, Thanh-Hang Ngo, Yiyu Ren, Jose Andres Rodriguez, Shree Sanjana Sampathkumar, Warren Teddy. – [Host] Zhiwei Wu. – [Host] Master of Science
in Eerospace Engineering: Sean Franklin Bogaert, Federico Bonalumi, Kyle Robert Carnahan, James P, Clinton Jr., Carter Chase Crouch, John Anthony Davis, Rohan Dhiren Desai, Darryl Thomas Dickey, Florence Duveiller, Hallie Rose Ford, also receiving a Master of
Business Administration, Lisa Marie Gammon, Manon Danielle Veronique Huguenin, Dat Huynh, Michelle Ku, Madeline S. Landman, Brandon Leung. – [Host] Jeffrey Arthur Lewis. – [Host] Maxime X. Martel, Marc Muehlberg, Brandon Robert Sell, Rachmat Subagia. – [Host] Vincent Terrier, Colby J. Weit. Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering: – [Host] Elizabeth Ni Chang Quigley. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering: Ankita Gupta, Sahana Ravishankar, Master of Science in
Environmental Engineering: Qianyu Liu, Jeffrey Meadows, Benjamin Mejia-Tickner, Timothy Gordon Montgomery, Jean F. Quenneville, Catherine Fitzpatrick Reynolds, Vinuta Shankaragouda Sheshappanavar, Mio Unno, Jiaxu Zhang, Master of Science in Civil Engineering: Ralph Frederick Abano. – [Host] Venkata Koti Kiran Ande, Biswobhanu Bhadra. – [Host] Felice Chiayee Chan. – [Host] Jasmine Taelor Denizard. – [Host] Sujay Samadhan Dhokane, Chandler Diffee, Gian Marco Diomi Ndongala, Varun Chowdary Elaprolu, Jiahui Fu, Ashu Goyal, David Sebastian Hernandez, Hannah Reed Herrington, Che-Hsuan Huang, Syed Muhammad Raza Jafri, Pranali Sunil Kharde, Ishan Dinesh Kudale, Mengyuan Li, Yao Li, Ran Lin, Maggie Grey Lindsey, Sipeng Lu, Meera Madan Gopal, Nikitha Mallela, Devam Mishra, Shambhavi Mishra, Sanjeev Harish Muralidharan, Arianne Ostolaza. – [Host] Jasmine poo-thoo vay-low. (audience cheering) – [Man] That’s my sister! – [Man] Let’s get this party. – [Host] Faaz Rafi, Kaushal Dilip Raut. – [Host] Shantanu Soumya. – [Host] Zachary Louis Stone, Weintian Suo, Tyler Alton Thompson, Zhen Tian, Chang-Min Tsai, Robert Patrick Wilson, Ran Xu, Yuanzhi Xu, Mo Xue, Yipeng Xue, Vivek Yadav, Chenghan Yang, Xinse Zhang, Yuhui Zhou, Hanwen Zhu. Master of Science in Electrical
and Computer Engineering: Surabhi Mayuresh Adarkar, Ayushi Agarwal, Hassan Abdullah Almubarak, David Andrew Arellano, Deekshanya Badrinarayanan, Bryan Alexander Bates, Rakesh jagadish Belagali, Shubhankar Mangesh Borse, Jessica Marie Britt. – [Host] Aditya Sanjay Chavan. – [Host] Gregory Thomas Cooke. – [Host] Baijun Paresh Desai. – [Host] Sapan Mayankkumar Desai, Sameer Sudhendra Deshpande, David Oriel Diaz, Luke J. Drnach, Abhishek Raj Dutta, Badr El Hafidi, Muzna Shibli Farooqi, Pranav Sharad Ghaisas, Naman Govil, Etienne Grall, Agathe Marie Guillemot, Nikhil Gupta, Anh D. Ho, Christopher Thomas Howard, Rahul Jayakrishnan, Aditya Ranjit Kambil, Dhruv Kapur, Ishan Chandresh Kathuria. – [Host] Faizan U Khan. – [Host] Nicholas Tyler Landi. – [Host] Vinod Wilfred Lasrado. – [Host] Brendan Maurice Lynch, Weifeng Lyu, Sreevatsan Madhavan, Maria Julie Maenza, Varun Malhotra, Parth Mannan, Akshansh Mehra, Peter Wahba Mickael, Akshaya Nagarajan. – [Host] Pratheesh Na-har. – [Host] Connor Zachary Napolitano, Nanditha Nirmal, Nathaniel Alexander Ojong, Anamika Pandey, Saylee Vijay Parab, Mark John Pinion Jr., Emily Jane Pitts, Jacob David Abbott Pressman, Yunwei Qiang, Abdulaziz Mohammed H Qwbaiban. – [Host] Sainandan Ramakrishnan. – [Host] Jake Samson Ramey, Varun Muralidhar Rao, Frederick Lemuel Ravibabu, Vishwateja Mudiam Reddy, Jorge Alberto Rodriguez, Brydan Edison Storey Rogers, Luv Jagdish Sampat, Christian Mark Toledo Santos, Ankit Sinha. – [Host] John Paul Skeath. – [Host] Rahul Devraj Solanki, Arshdeep Jasdeep Singh Sood, Rangaraj Srikanth, Joseph Simon Stevenson. – [Host] Yeng-chen-soo. – [Host] Ran Tao, Priya Subhash Tejankar, Ashwin D. Thippeswamy. – [Host] Preston Thomas. – [Host] Victoria Marie Tuck, Bhargava Venkatesh, Ambuz Vimal, Qinshuang Wei, Stephen Clifford Wilkins, Yang Xu, Arnaud Yankwa Wandji, Phalguna Srinivasa Yelandur, Junhui Zhang. – [Host] Anjie Zhao. – [Host] Master of Science
in Mechanical Engineering: Olawale Michael Ibifafa Agoro. – [Host] Malavika Vasishta Bagepalli. – [Host] Vincent Baudier, Arnaud Cesar Christophe Bayon De Noyer, Louis-Thomas Gilles Belloir, (audience clapping) Samy Benhmidou, Brett Lee Caesar. – [Host] Fernando Caralt, Ryan John Carlson. – [Host] Alexis Cassier, Jae Seok Cha, Chia-Heng Chu, Nicolas Alexis Cuvillier, Francois Deniau, Fanny Depaty, Jacob Asher Deutsch, Vincent Faure, Devin Gabrielle Frentz, Ellis Condor Galyon III, Nicolas Giffard. – [Host] Jonathan Ricky Gosyne. – [Host] Camille Govi, Corentin Jean-Pierre Edmond Guellec, Romain David Guillaud, Jeshua Mal Jemson, Jihwan Jung, Joseph David Kabalin, Euisun Kim. – [Host] Kyungjin John Kim. – [Host] Dawit Lee, Hyunsuk Lee, Vincent Boon Lee, Vivien Bruno Maire, Gabrielle Louise Martinez, Matthew Matthew Kadavan. – [Host] Valentin Melchior. – [Host] Kevin Clement Metz, Alec Edward Mitchell, Quentin Dominique Marie Mossard, Keerthana Murali, Shekaib A. Musa, Chinaza Amarachi Ogbonna, Myela Autumn Paige, Melissa Perez. – [Host] Sean Christopher Pinard. – [Host] Devin John Roach, Andrew C. Roberts, Alfred Burgess Robinson III, Mael Rostren, Troy Evan Sandler, Chelsea Dawn Silberglied. – [Host] Kuttler Lindsey Smith. – [Host] Jordan Thomas Strother, Aditya Suresh, Simon Tabutin, Matthew Thomas Truskowski, William Bishop Varnell, Anthony James Villareal. (audience clapping)
(audience cheering) – Will all of the graduates please rise. (claps)
(audience clapping) Upon the recommendation of the faculty of the Georgia Institute of Technology and by the authority
of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, I confer upon each of
you the Master’s degree with all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities
thereunto appertaining. Congratulations.
(claps) (audience clapping)
(audience cheering) You as masters graduates
are to be commended. You’ve earned a graduate degree from one of the world’s most
prestigious institutions. Masters graduates, you may now commemorate
your great achievement by moving your tassel from
the right to the left. Congratulations! (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Please be seated. Almost there, stay with me. (chuckles)
(audience laughing) Georgia Tech alumni are an extraordinary group of high achievers. This afternoon to welcome
the members of this graduating class into
the fellowship of Tech, I’m pleased to introduce
Mister Bird Blitch, Chair of the Georgia Tech
Alumni Association, Bird. (audience clapping) – Good afternoon. My name is Bird Blitch
and I am a 1997 graduate with a degree in Industrial
Systems Engineering and I’m Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Tech Alumni
Association this year. It is my pleasure to welcome
you for the very first time as alumni of the Georgia
Institute of Technology. (audience clapping) Now I wanna share what
it means to be an alumni. There is a whole lot of awesomeness that happens when you
walk across this stage and I wanna share the who what and why because that’s very important. Who are Georgia Tech alumni? Alumni include Olympic athletes, a Nobel Prize Winner,
top military officials, multiple astronauts, CEOs and two Presidents proving that Georgia
Tech is at the forefront of the future and new ideas
that change the world. In Public Service, Annie
Wise, who graduated in 1919, is the first woman to earn
a Georgia Tech degree. Jimmy Carter, 41st President
of the United States, Juan Carlos Varela, current
President of Panama, two Presidents,
(audience laughing) they’re all alumni. CEOs, CEOs of Walmart, AT&T, and even our beloved Waffle House, too many CEOs to name,
but they are all alumni, Science and Technology, Shane Kimbrough, an astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station, Karry Mullis, 1993 Nobel Prize winner, Sandy Magnus, former NASA astronaut who was on the first or final space shuttle mission and actually on campus this last week. They’re all alumni. Sport, Bobby Jones, founder of Augusta National
Golf Club and The Masters, Calvin Johnson. We just passed out his bobble head and he needs no introduction, but they’re all alumni. Engineers, Nobel laureates, business executives, mathematicians, international affair majors,
physicists, chemists, they are all people who
use what they learned at Georgia Tech to change the world. Of course we can’t forget our most fay-um, George P. Burdell. (audience cheering) Georgia Tech alumni moved the needle, and now, now you’re an alumni. You’ve graduated into
this forum, and like you, all these individuals started right here sitting in the same place
that you’re sitting today. So what do Georgia Tech alumni do? In one word, it’s
philanthropy, giving back, making things better
for future generations. Let me tell you for one
second what that means to me. I’m an entrepreneur and have grown several technology companies, launching a couple right out of the ATDC, the incubator here on campus. I could not have done it
without the access gained through the Georgia Tech alumni network, then you have this degree, and this degree is quipping you to sit in any environment in any
place at any time and being a driving part of that
conversation and that solution. You combine that degree with this network and it’s a very powerful asset. The Georgia Tech Alumni Association which you are now a part of doesn’t require a membership fee. It exist to serve and promote and help you in your future. It’s a service organization. The fundraising in the name of Roll Call, Georgia Tech’s Fund of Excellence, is intended to promote
education at Georgia Tech by providing unrestricted
funds for people: student scholarships, financial aid, recruitment and retention of top faculty and support of new academic initiatives. So why is this important? Because we have a history of
this, Tech alumni give back. Georgia Tech’s alumni
time and time again proved that they’re among the
most generous in the world. In fact today our alumni
give more than double the national average
back to their alma mater and this tradition of
philanthropy is being passed on to current
yellow jackets as well with Tech boasting the largest number of student donors of any public research university in the country. So this is perhaps one of
the things I’m most proud of, our shared passion for Georgia Tech, because the people who
are graduates before you and those that are graduating today, we all have a bond and a common commitment and we all wanna make Tech better than it was when we were here. Today we stand on the shoulders of giants who gave more than they received. We are the fortunate. When you choose one day to give back somewhere to affect future citizens, to fund solutions to problems
to impact future students, you change the world. I believe in your ability to impact and change people so much that if you make a gift of up to $25 to Roll Call in the next six months, I will personally match your
donation, dollar-for-dollar, so the value of your
gift’s impact is doubled. (audience clapping) I hope that you will
take time to learn more about Georgia Tech’s Fund for Excellence and how it affects many of us here today. So what’s next? I’m gonna ask you to take out your phone if you’re not already texting on it now. (audience laughing) And, no, I’m not gonna ask
you make a gift right now, but we have launched a new alumni app to keep you connected and engaged. So you go to your App Store and to download the app,
you search for GT alumni right there in the store, and then you’ll go and
log in as your usual self with your GT username and password. I would just say welcome to this new world of awesomeness that’s here for you. So in conclusion, thank you for all your
contributions as a student and now it’s time to go create the future, to change this world for the better, yes, it can be done, and by all means, have
a lot of fun doing it. Congratulations! (claps)
(audience cheering) – Thanks Bird and
congratulations to all of you. At this time, members of Nothin’ But Treble will lead us in the alma mater, followed immediate by
the faculty processional. The graduates and the audience
are requested to stand and remain standing as the
platform party recesses, then I invite all of you
to join in the singing of the nation’s best-known fight song, Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech. For our newest Georgia Tech graduates, we have a special treat. As you exit the McCamish
Pavilion this evening, the whistle will blow
several times in your honor. Thank you for your
attendance this afternoon and have a wonderfully evening. (claps)
(audience clapping) ♪ Oh sons of Tech arise behold ♪ ♪ The Banner as it reigns supreme ♪ ♪ For from on high the White and Gold ♪ ♪ Waves in its triumphant gleam ♪ ♪ The spirit of the cheering throng ♪ ♪ Resounds with joy revealing ♪ ♪ A brotherhood in praise and song ♪ ♪ In memory of the days gone by ♪ ♪ Oh Scion of the Southland ♪ ♪ In our hearts you shall forever fly ♪ (audience clapping) (instrumental music) ♪ I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech ♪ ♪ And a hell of an engineer ♪ ♪ A helluva, helluva, helluva,
helluva hell of an engineer ♪ ♪ Like all the jolly good fellows
I drink my whiskey clear ♪ ♪ I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech ♪ ♪ And a hell of an engineer ♪ ♪ Oh if I had a daughter sir ♪ ♪ I’d dress her in White and Gold ♪ ♪ And put her on the campus
to cheer the brave and bold ♪ ♪ But if I had a son sir
I’ll tell you what he’d do ♪ ♪ He would yell to hell with Georgia ♪ ♪ Like his daddy used to do ♪ ♪ Oh I wish I had a barrel of rum ♪ ♪ And sugar three thousand pounds ♪ ♪ A college bell to put it in ♪ ♪ And a clapper to stir it round ♪ ♪ I’d drink to all the good fellows ♪ ♪ Who come from far and near ♪ ♪ I’m a rambling gambling
hell of an engineer hey ♪ (audience laughing)
(audience cheering) (horn blaring) – [Host] Distinguished guest, thank you for joining us
to celebrate our graduates. We ask that you please exit the building to meet your students. The venue will close in 30 minutes. (Ramblin’ Wreck instrumental music) (Ramblin’ Wreck” by Georgia Tech)

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