Masters Degree Holder Needs CRC Interview Advice

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Masters Degree Holder Needs CRC Interview Advice

hey guys Serg here back with another
episode today I’ve got a very interesting question on some interview
advice from one of the listeners out there in the YouTube or the podcast
world so if you’re listening this is going to be an awesome awesome
question-and-answer session so before we get into that I just want to let you
guys know I have revamped the resume review program we have new offerings and
we’ve even added another one with a LinkedIn page review now as you guys
know LinkedIn is incredibly powerful incredibly powerful for getting a job in
the clinical research industry you connect with recruiters time after time
and they send you in mail all the time letting them know which recruit which
jobs they’re recruiting for so you can refer a friend and potentially make some
extra money or you can look for jobs for yourself
with that way too so I am offering that as another service that we do offer here
with ally clinical research group so if you’re interested email elite clinical
group at of course that’s in the description on both the YouTube
channel and the podcast so let’s go ahead and get into this question good
afternoon ECR G I want to reach out to you for
some advice on a job interview a little bit about myself I’m a master’s graduate
from India I have two years of experience working for a CRO in India so
for those that are new CRO stands for a contract research organization and these
are the people that hire monitors project managers etc all the positions
that you guys are interested in these companies hire them and also I just want
to interject a little bit here to a lot of people from India have been asking
about how to get jobs how to get experience etc so here’s one person who
works for a CRO emailing from India and I’ve told you guys again and again there
are plenty of jobs in India in the clinical research space you’ve got to
know where to find them indeed is a good place to start so plenty of the big-name
CEOs are there in India so just wanted to throw that out there
so she said I have two years of experience working for a CRO in India
eight years back so that was eight years ago she has zero experience so imagine
what India is like now when it comes to clinical research I do not have
experience in monitoring or coordinating yet I have worked in bio analytics where
we analyze the clinical samples from for research subjects and interpret the
results I live in the States right now I have a job interview tomorrow at a local
CRO for a research coordinator position even though I don’t have the experience
I do have a pretty good knowledge about clinical trials and GCP but I kind of
have some difficulty praying mice preparing myself for the interview it
would be great if you could give some advice thank you in advance so this is a
great question and I wanted to throw that bit out there about India because I
get a lot of questions from India talking about there’s no opportunities
and should I move to here should I move there guys you can stay right there in
India and have a good clinical research career and get some experience first
because that’s really what you need and once you get some experience then you
can move to the States or Canada or UK that’s gonna be much more beneficial to
you than if you just move without any experience so she’s got an interview
look at here that proves my point exactly she’s got an interview with the
CRO so she wants to know how can she prepare for the interview so this is a
entry-level position pretty much research coordinator and they’re gonna
basically be asking you about they’re not gonna ask you any tricky questions
they’re not gonna ask you you know describe line 10 of GCP they’re not
gonna ask you any technical questions really before really at all they’re
probably ask you about your prior work experience in any field not just
clinical research but you do have clinical research experience so they’re
definitely ask about that but also for those people that do not have clinical
research experience they’re just gonna ask about your past job experience in
general so they’re asked about that they’re gonna ask behavioral style
questions which a lot of people have trouble with and I was kept getting
emails over and over again about how to answer behavioral style interview
questions so I accident I actually made a playlist on this channel it’s called
interview prep or something like that or how to prepare for interviews and I’ve
done a series of videos on how to prepare for interviews in the clinical
research space and you can check out that playlist it’s right there on this
channel you click on playlists it will be there
but for those that want more hands-on you know grilling you will be over
prepared for the interview when I’m done with you that interview will be so easy
when I’m done with you we I do offer interview prep one-on-one sessions 30
minutes an hour up to an hour and a half so there is that – you can email me Ally
clinical group at there but people typically have a big issue with
behavioral style interview questions and that’s what clinical research there’s a
lot of so what I would do is prepare try and prepare some scenarios in your head
about past experience you know time you did a good job times the experience
conflict times you work with someone who you know micromanaged you times you work
with someone who didn’t really manage you at all and if you got your work done
you know times that you you know you messed up and had to apologize you know
different scenarios like that you want to think about those in your head before
the interview and you definitely want to be able to speak to those when you are
interviewing in fact so that’s what I would recommend as far as other
preparation make sure you review your resume makes you have a couple resumes
with you you bring with you just in case the people that you’re interviewing with
do not have a copy on you on them and then of course at the end you want to
prepare thank-you notes so my rule of thumb is if you’re applying within the
company you can send a mail you can do a handwritten note or if you happen to
know the address if it’s a small company and it’ll be easy to get to them you can
do a handwritten note also but most common is email and it can be difficult
getting people’s emails sometimes – so I talked about that in my interview prep
one-on-one sessions how you get people’s emails without particularly asking them
or without coming off as weird for wanting that information but that’s my
recommendations for you they shouldn’t be asking any tricky
questions or anything like that you should be able to get in there and
nail the interview especially with your past experience so I hope this was
helpful if you have any questions that you want answered
email me elite clinical group at take care you

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