Master’s Program: Human Resource Development

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Master’s Program: Human Resource Development

Students in our HRD master’s program
will gain expertise and applied skills for improving learning and performance
in individual, group, organizational and international contexts. With the offering
of a strategically designed curriculum, we prepare students to become educated
practitioners in lifelong learning, career development, training development and
organization development. Currently I’m a chief human resources officer for Freese
and Nichols. We are an engineer consulting firm based here in Fort Worth. And so
what the program did for me, it taught me those technical skills on how to be
good at all aspects of HR, but it also gave me those tools to elevate me
to get things done through other people, to motivate people, how to assimilate a
great team. I’ve been using parts of that program for the last 25 years in my
rise to be at the top seat in human resources for some major corporations.
So, along with the great content, great relationships, building network, the
professors made the content of the program real. I’m a trainer for a medical
school, and what I do is I train employees in the department and students that come through. And so I really am using that information as a trainer, but
what really amazed me about the program is that in addition to the trainer, I
have become really an organizational resource and employee resource. One of
the things that I really find most valuable about this program is that I’m
more effective at my job in helping others succeed, and so I really felt a
responsibility when people wanted to succeed to help them. Now I’m able to
better analyze and diagnose issues so we’re able to develop better strategies.
So, as a result of this program I’m more effective, and I’m helping more people.
With this master’s degree, students will have the opportunity to pursue
leadership roles in a wide range of positions across diverse sectors. With a
group of renowned international faculty to provide innovative instruction,
students will be able to engage in rich and deep learning in three different
formats: fully online, face to face, or blended learning. So join us to gain a
world-class educational experience from one of the best HRD programs in the

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