Maya Jackson – EKU Online MPA Program

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Maya Jackson – EKU Online MPA Program

I believe me earning a master’s degree that just kind of put me over the edge. As a person going into a job, if I work this hard for a degree imagine what I can do for your company. Looking into the MPA program I saw so many things that kind of correlated with understanding management and how different departments work I got to really see it every day in what I was doing. When I saw that they had the MPA program online it kind of just fit the parameters of everything that I was looking for and I ended up here. Even as an online student they still care about you they still check in on you they were so easy to connect with and get a hold of and anytime I needed something I was always able to talk to somebody it wasn’t strictly just a computer. I really feel like my master’s in public administration is going to help me achieve my different career goals doing this has made me want to help other people. I went to an inner city high school we kind of had to figure out our scholarships and colleges. It just made me that much more determined to finish and prove that we’re not just somebody from the inner city. To me when you’re helping people it starts in your community and I’m thinking of starting a nonprofit organization geared towards at-risk youth and helping them get into college. This masters has set the foundation to organize and how to manage and how to do all of these different things to help people. EKU Online was right for me because it set a standard it helped me stay focused it helped me get here today

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