Mean Girls | Escape School Obby | Roblox | Online Gameplay


Mean Girls | Escape School Obby | Roblox | Online Gameplay

Looks like someone flooded the bathroom you
know that straight-up disgusting it’s not a vending machine like in bathrooms
I love about these are in the Hall starting and I’m in like tournament due
to water my super bubbles wait for me our friendship will last forever okay he’s been easy to grab Christine and
while I am playing in LA I wanted to record some videos for you
I don’t know I feel if I don’t mention cut that but yeah today we’re checking
it out with roblox and just adds up there’s going to be a lot of roblox
videos this week so we’re continuing aroma alright nere as preparation for a
three there are a lot of different options that I could choose from so this
is option 1 escape escape school ah be hey let’s get out of here everyone let
elves left and a teacher sleeping let’s go is a teacher and the trash should you
dare throw the teacher in the trash the teacher I like you you’re always really
nice to me the teachers are stalking through the vent
what I’ll go through the vent okay those dudesman I were escaping school full out
full sauna for some people different in tanana done in this international
official buddy nation we’ve got some people who are actually starting school
and for that we thank you ok sauce went almost bucket okay
no goodness I didn’t even read what that guy said is that bleach there was this
guy thing looks like he just mopped the floors all right let’s go
I love to escape obvious that hassle I remember in middle school where I love
play can I just jump on his office not about that room I love when we finally
got lockers they were like I just felt like the most freakin bullet missing
middle school with my Walker and I’d go put my stuff in my locker just what I
put my bag in there everything just welcomed us books in my pencil I was
like girl I wish in my mind like not see em yeah i yeah justify mine okay which
Locker is it wait okay let me see this one kind of stole me no okay
I think none of these are the good someone just died in here all over there
okay super bubbles it looks like none of us found this locker that works all week
this one okay what exactly are we looking for exactly because I complete
three just closes the door with a whole lot no here okay she found it ah here we
go lucky me super bubbles I don’t know who
she is but I like her name which locker team I’m on level five tips please don’t
do this people okay cool and actually fun I actually love school looks so much
fun for me hey sir when super puzzles is like the
coolest roll cool get away from me lady oh my game is um I got a sample super
mobile Sheila’s with you the most popular girl in school and I’m gonna be
her friend I died oh look at my hand like the hills are
alive this all summer bubble up a girl she look so cool like bad girl ish not
like bad girl but like you know the girl is kind of discarded but is literally
probably way cooler than the popular kid that’s what she looks like and then that
other girl um looks like her name would be like Bethany or something and she
looks like she’d be like one of the Mean Girls in uh like the movie Mean Girls I
just wanna be cool like you and not that I’m like I did just now
oh my super balls are super super bubbles waiting for me I hope you’re not
waiting for Jose oh my goodness ah see because you are died jumping over
these things because I am i think the her bubbles inflating for me ah man he’s
dead let’s go we all did we did they revivals a psycho this girl
is cool Bethany meets the middle for body so that we could get back and make
a friendship laughs well yeah oh sides the estimable you can check out which
one we think it is for sorry I trust you this gift
okay and you can check out the other one too you know I trust your judgment
whatever it is if you choose our Bethany go ahead and just stand on one okay
here’s the one how’s your nose difficult Super Bowl is like I have to hand them
out but not this is the pencil I don’t have to invent a this boat don’t you
worry little butt muffin muffin a button you girl I will get out be your pee okay
all right and Bethany’s in front of me just like ill looks like someone flooded
a bathroom you know that is straight it’s disgusting it’s not a vending
machine like its bathroom all the battle these are in the hall morning and I’m in
like trauma due to water my super bubbles wait for me our friendship will
last forever okay darn it I can do this I can survive the
next you do to water all over the ground all right yes was that Bethany Bethany
come on girl I know you’re trying to hang out with the lower half so that way
you could be like you know hey I’ll take it like magic
so I think destiny is like you know not so bad anymore I think she’s actually
getting kind of cool all right okay sorry sign to the probable Sylvain egg
all super bubble beads on side there I’m gonna kind of cheat and just jump over
that leg a half I’m bigger than am no cheating school kid okay if your cheek
you died and oh okay Boop all right looks like there was a class
in here let’s get out of here before another class comes
dude are you the same guy listen the other class and all of a sudden the
places that we work um you wanna you know oh crap wait I’ll just be on the
basketball just kidding right but have been walking around on the
ground uh yeah I just you have to jump crisscross will make you jump Jim okay
don’t just you on the basketball I’m okay I love this game I don’t like this
nut messages like you know sports killed we should be doing this playing sports
so you can win wait are we taking a nap here why is it this here we know that
this what are these things what are these oh um drop another
erasers what kind of a race is that and why are we over this blue the green
cuckoo I mean I’m Bethany I need you to like move girl
move it oh oh oh okay oops I’ll hook up we’ll both evil that’s why
we’re leaving school because you’re evil but it’ll wait it’ll eyes watch you that
is so gross look so either watching her and when I went
on me girls okay I go there girls below because it’s so gross their school
because it no no sing okay well you’re getting tired wake up
I am wake Oh awake what are you like what scratch oh okay okay okay well okay
and yeah turn it you’ve done lava hall I told the school to get rid of it but
they didn’t want to listen to me okay just go to play this side event
it’s like and boom boom okay come on I can do it I believe the children are our
future no what the heck what come pristine with
their power super bubble detector homelessness me oh my god s bed says go
the rebel faster I am guys movement on oh come on come on oh wow
truth is okay I’ll take this I was hopeful I mean I don’t know what’s
happening I don’t know why I cannot let me run go back and then jump once again
none of them oh wait maybe they have to back up you can do it thanks for
believing in me oh my goodness I made best friends my
first day of school they’re making breads it’s so cool
don’t give up I won’t ya yeah hahaha this is awesome
let’s go are we out well looks like you have walk home as usual alright let’s go
home are you guys coming over to my house you guys come in my house yeah oh
wait did Bethany leave us she not like coming with us anymore
Kenan I knew it was Bethany got her powers back she used this for happiness
and then she just like ditched the supervillains we’re a let’s do it do you
feel slimmer oh I mean and it was just kind of like this case just now but do
you think we have to like also go to school again tomorrow super bubbles
yes no no are we going to at the end our car wait is this home Oh where’s Kate
wait whoa whoa whoa why do why are you at my house
breath why are you in my house we escaped so why are you in my house I’ve
got a question for you sir okay should I follow her I guess we’ll go inside my
hat my brand new hell this house looks so awesome
I thought let’s go upstairs you don’t have a sleepover Oh Bethany did come
let’s jump in on my bed we’re having a sleepover please pull over
sleepover it was a lot of fun to play this game if you have any suggestions
use the hashtag hashtag roblox suggestion and that way I know
which level that you want me to play or hashtag roblox level I’m they’re both
too it helps me find out what you guys want me to play but yes if you like this
video don’t like but I like playing follow me on social media subscribe for
more awesome content see what else I’ve been working on and on

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