Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019


Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019

follow me here, you’re a weak ass, [BLEEP]
candy ass, flopping [BLEEP].. You need vaginal reconstructive
surgery, twig boy. You can eat a big bag of [BLEEP]
like your butt buddy Curry. Go [BLEEP] yourself
you cheap [BLEEP].”.” [CROWD LAUGHING] That’s a lot. [CROWD LAUGHING] BRADLEY BEAL: “Bradley Beal
looks like if Usher had someone sit on his head while
he was a baby–” [BRADLEY CHUCKLING] [CROWD LAUGHING] Thank you. DIRK NOWITZKI: “Dirk Nowitzki
looks like his sweat smells like mop water and chihuahua.” [CROWD LAUGHING] I don’t think I’ve heard that
one before, so props to my guy. That was good. STEVE BALLMER: “Steve
Ballmer and the entire LA Clippers organization can
all go suck on a fat one.” [CROWD LAUGHING] JOEL EMBIID: “I can’t listen
to Joel Embiid interviews. Two seconds in, I want
to glue my ears shut.” Well, let me know when
you are able to speak four languages, dumbass. [CROWD LAUGHING] CHARLES BARKLEY: “Charles
Barkley is so fat he put his belt on with a boomerang.” That’s not funny at all. [CROWD LAUGHING] BEN SIMMONS: “Ben Simmons looks
like he’s holding in a fart every time he passes the ball.” [CROWD CHUCKLING] Maybe I am. [CROWD LAUGHING] JRUE HOLIDAY: “Jrue
Holiday is [BLEEP] nuts.” [MAN LAUGHS] OK. [CROWD LAUGHING] PAUL GEORGE: “Before I go
to sleep I just want to say, [BLEEP] Paul George. [BLEEP] your good sleep,
[BLEEP] your dreams, [BLEEP] your job
when you wake up.” [CROWD LAUGHING] CHRIS BOSH: “Chris Bosh talks
like a white guy named Dennis.” [CHRIS BOSH LAUGHING] [CROWD LAUGHING] KYLE LOWRY: “Toronto needs to
get rid of Kyle Lowry ASAP. If I have to watch that fat
[BLEEP] attempt to take a 3 one more time, I’m jumping
off a building.” Oh, wow. KEMBA WALKER: “Kemba
Walker has the name of a post player in the
“Karl-Anthony Towns look like he’s yawning when he yells.” Yeah, because I’m tired of
dealing with your [BLEEP].. [CROWD LAUGHING] DANNY GREEN: “Danny Green
and I have a lot in common. Namely, that we both
“Khris Middleton just got hit in the head so
hard his eyes got un-googly.” No they didn’t. [CROWD LAUGHING] BROOKE LOPEZ: “If Brooke
and Robin Lopez are twins, then why is Robin the
only one that sucks ass.” ROBIN LOPEZ: Because I’m
adventurous in the bedroom. BROOKE LOPEZ: Wow. [CROWD LAUGHING] [CROWD CHEERING]

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100 thoughts on “Mean Tweets – NBA Edition 2019”

  1. 7 Foot Schnitzel says:


  2. Jin Eric says:

    why would anyone hate dirk??

  3. Spades Royalflush says:

    We all knew KD is going to switch to his burn account

  4. marecku21 says:

    Well, Robin Lopez' popularity just spiked!!!

  5. Feras S says:

    You beep can beep with beep beep beep oh *beep*. Then the audience laugh. Why would you share it on youtube then?

  6. Curtis Wilson says:

    Robin Lopez really out here eating ass

  7. Lenny_ Busker says:

    People take sports WAY too seriously and I think these players know that lol.

  8. Abhinav Raj says:


  9. Allen Iverson fan says:

    KD: Warriors to Nets
    Dirk: Mavs to the Couch
    PG13: Thunder to Clippers
    Kemba: Hornets to Celtics
    Danny Green: Raptors to Lakers
    Robin Lopez: Bulls to Bucks
    The NBA man

  10. Hafsa Hussein says:

    0:43 lmaoo the phone looks so tiny in his hands

  11. Hal Jordan says:

    The world needs more Mean Tweets

  12. wang weihai says:

    1:33 more like if you ever play basketball,you have my curse and f&*k your basketball dream.

  13. J Good says:

    Where exactly do you submit meantweets?

  14. Dr. Westside says:

    Charles is right . That's not funny . Just think about the boomerang .


    KD is right, that is a lot, and Chris Bosh’s tweet, 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Avocado Tortilla says:


    My uncles name is Dennis

  17. Dean Shaw says:

    1:20 is the new okay meme

  18. Spencer O'Neill says:

    Kevin Durant probably cried after reading that

  19. Mahin Acharya says:

    Whose the dude laughing in the background with a hybrid kawahi laugh really had me joked tf out

  20. izuddin simatupang says:

    Am i the only one to think Chris Bosh and Snoop Dogg Have a similiar face

  21. The Dream says:

    Somebody got that from yo mama

  22. JasonL77 says:

    I would love to see a WWE Edition of Mean Tweets.

  23. Łpb šuavvo says:

    Whenever robin lopez isnt punching someone in the face hes sucking ass i guess😂😂😂

  24. trapperz united says:

    Now who the hell is this Chris Bosh guy they're comparing to dennis?

  25. Jonah McBonah says:

    too bad they got a power-boost with the klaw AND pg-13, duo name idea: rated-r klaws

  26. Jonah McBonah says:

    brook's reaction to his twin lmao 2:31

  27. FrenzYxSilence says:

    Steph Curry is the type of guy to floss the gap in his teeth to show a sign of intimidation before the match starts.

  28. Dutch Shark says:

    Tweet: Jrue Holiday ** nuts
    Jrue: ok

    I’m dead! 🤣

  29. tenzin namgyal says:

    charles reading the tweet without looking at the phone.

  30. Sir E says:

    1:10 best part of the video

  31. 155chipmunkz says:

    One of the reasons I hate Twitter.

  32. Ya Boy Hobbs says:

    I think the guy that dissed the clippers wants to break his phone

  33. Joshua Jasnoch says:

    The Chris bosh one got me dead af

  34. thelast33 says:

    All these dam couch potatoes rippin on athletes, boy shut up you can’t even get your own damn beer Without bitching about it.

  35. thejdi1 says:

    as a Thunder fan, I sympathize with nothing in this world more than @1:23

  36. Tinker Bell says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe these people made these tweets to get on Jimmy Kimmel

  37. rebel_rouser94 says:

    That last one "…oh" XD

  38. Pamela Ison says:

    Ben Simmons is sexy as hell…let Dem farts out bae, you good with me😘

  39. Eren Jaeger says:

    Imagine if Kawhi was on this
    Oh wait Kawhi doesn't have Social Media

  40. ai papi says:

    ya'll know KD answered back in his burner accounts..lmao

  41. Puddin says:

    1:58 Did they bleep out "midget"?!

  42. BIRENDRA RAWAT says:

    Damn the background music😂😂

  43. Bella Elleira says:

    Robin: cuz I’m adventurous in the bedroom. *intensely stares into the camera*


  44. MrSirViking says:

    Robin's response was super funny. It took me like a second to catch that! 😀

  45. Ziko Ziko says:

    If you put Robin Hood black and 7 feet tall.That is what Chris Bosh would look like and sound like

  46. Gucci Octo:3 says:

    * all the Denis in the comments has left the comment section *😂

  47. Aby P says:

    y do they keep the laughter thing in the background. this isnt supposed to be encouraged and nice and all! wt kind of message r u conveying!

  48. Elaine Hsieh says:

    Lowry's reaction is cute😂🙌

  49. Rawest says:

    You can’t tell me Paul George doesn’t remind you of Dave Chappelle with that roast

  50. Just Asian says:

    Here I got one

    Ben Simmons looks like James Charles

  51. Dakota Baker says:

    I’m litteraly so triggered they spelled chihuahua wrong 😂

  52. Anthony Brown says:

    Who are half of these people?

  53. Fuck Google says:

    Chris Bosh is Dave Chapel's impression of a white guy.

  54. MIDZYdeul says:

    are they chill or tired idk lol

  55. KXL Squad says:

    Ngl I be felling bad for kd at times

  56. Frankie Duffy says:

    The Charles Barkley roast was insane

  57. L Squared says:

    I’m surprised KD didn’t make a burner account to defend himself

  58. PGG_Simulation says:

    Out of everyone why dirk

  59. Treycoyne12 says:

    Durant probably tweeted back at dude

  60. national buzz says:

    Some of them are true 😂😂

  61. Jacks Yagami says:

    Joel Embid had the best comeback, it’s so underrated

  62. Marissa Bones says:

    This made my day 🙃

  63. KeelSteel 13 says:

    How much you wanna bet KD saw his mean tweet ahead of time with one of his burners

  64. Jak h says:

    These sports one is always the most funny

  65. yolo yeet says:

    As a okc fan when I saw this tweet I was like ya get him Paul now I am like ya f Paul George….

  66. Ezgar Panzón says:

    Is all this hate speech ?

  67. creeps the thing says:


  68. Ahdree23 says:

    How are people getting away with these tweets? Now if you tweet the word 'coitus' you get suspended for a week.

  69. Baby Goose says:

    The ones that make them laugh are my favorite.

  70. Gigi From God says:

    Never Saw so many Ugly dudes at once LOL

  71. michael king says:

    Speak 4 different languages; English, Spanish, Japanese, German. 4 different languages. NOT 4 different "dialects", from 4 different "side by side" African "countries". NOT THE SAME THING b4 you injure yourself patting the old back too much !!!!

  72. Notorious1503 says:

    Uknow k.d gonna go home and get on his "not Kevin durant" account and reply

  73. Govillon YT says:

    Bro kd is just a snake

  74. Kulture King says:

    Damn the iPhones look so small in they hands

  75. Uruba - says:

    "because I'm adventurous in the bedroom" 😂😂😂😂

  76. Ryan Ostendorf says:

    I love Ben Simmons tiny little smirk “…….maybe I am”

  77. JustAshley says:

    Ik I heard it right 😂 robin admits to eating ass🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  78. Meme Mustard says:

    All apple

  79. Jonathan schaefer says:

    That tweet is exactly why IKD left

  80. Big Shrey says:

    How can people really diss dirk

  81. Ima GOAT says:

    1:03 I can tell he got his feelings hurt

  82. T-Herbo357 • says:

    0:57 i just love how salty joel got from that tweet😂

  83. He He Boi says:

    0:45 Well….
    That didn't age well

  84. Mohammad Rasool says:

    So cool 😂😂

  85. ZAPPER ZAPPED says:

    What’s wrong with a white guy named ….

  86. David Ricamora says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Ben Simmons is wearing makeup ?

  87. M N says:

    Can we get a reality show where we lock KD and Trump in a room and the first one to tweet back at a hater loses,

  88. Marcel Sanders says:

    Who ready for Eminem read mean tweets?
    All of them about revival 😹😹

  89. X marx the spot says:

    Dirk look like joe ingles after the drugs kick in

  90. B Lovely says:

    Paul George best clapback lol

  91. KayBee Wooo says:

    Yo somebody was really mad at trey 😂😂😂😂💀

  92. Lana Mha says:

    Di anyone heard this goaty laugh on the crowd in the first mesnt tweets???😂😂😂

  93. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    These were good

  94. Mister SS says:

    Chris Bosh or should I say Dennis?!?!? Your the MAN

  95. upuntil6 says:

    Someone went hard AF on KD, vaginal reconstruction surgery

  96. Alex Crawford says:

    Haha, I like Steve Ballmer’s enthusiasm and the way he read the mean tweet! I also like Charles Barkley’s reaction!

  97. kats says:

    That first tweet was intense

  98. R D says:

    That hurt KD

  99. TheSmash Boi says:

    Paul George is a damn badass in mean tweets 1:27

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