Meet Darryn & Shannon | Uber + ASU Online | Uber


Meet Darryn & Shannon | Uber + ASU Online | Uber

(slow music) – [Shannon Voiceover] After
everything we’d been through, I didn’t think it would ever be possible to go back to school. – [Man Voiceover] When we got married, my wife put college on hold
to raise our three kids. And they’re amazing. We decided to go out on our own and open up our own mortgage company, which we did very
successfully for 10 years. At that time the economy
crashed, as we all know. And we fell into very hard times. – [Shannon Voiceover] I couldn’t, okay, we have three healthy kids, we have health ourselves, we
have a lot to be thankful for. And I was ready to move
forward, whatever it was. So, I went and I got
three jobs at the time. I want my children to see
that it takes hard work. It might be tough sometimes,
but it’s worth it. – [Man Voiceover] The first time I heard about the ASU online program,
I couldn’t believe it. What I loved about it was
that I was able to share it with a family member, and
Shannon’s always been looking to finish her degree. – [Shannon Voiceover]
I was stunned at first. I felt like a kid again, really. Just never thought I’d
feel like that again. And now as a older
adult, with me going back getting my education, I feel
like it’s completing me, fulfilling a dream, but
also finishing a goal. I wanna be an example for my children. I think it’s important they
see me doing something for me. I just feel like there’s
another part of me blossoming and growing that I had forgotten about. – [Man Voiceover] Now I
know every trip counts to Shannon’s education,
and that’s exciting. That’s fulfilling. – [Shannon Voiceover] I’m excited
for what the future holds. – [Family On-screen] Hi, mom. – Thank you for showing me
how strong a woman can be and loving me and being the
role model that I needed. – Mom, we know you are putting your heart and soul into this.
– Oh, my gosh. – And we’re so proud of you. You are setting such a good
example for us to follow. (uplifting music)

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  1. Uber says:

    We’re proud to offer full tuition coverage at Arizona State University online to qualifying drivers or a family member. This is Darryn and Shannon’s story.



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