Meet McKendree Online Graduate, Candace!

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Meet McKendree Online Graduate, Candace!

Hi I’m Candace and I’m a nurse and a mom, and I chose the McKendree online program. I chose McKendree for a number of different reasons. For me, flexibility was important. I’m a mom so I needed to be able to handle interruptions that would be happening day to day. I did a little research of my own. The nurses that I respected the most and the nurses that I admired the most; they had chosen McKendree as their program so that was one of the reasons that I went with McKendree. I thought it was going to be impersonal. I thought I was just gonna log in, do my hours, log out, and that would be it. But it became a much more personal experience than that. I developed a relationship that I didn’t expect, which was really nice and ultimately help me get a better education. When I started the program I was working full-time in an ICU at a local hospital, and I had a son and my dad was also sick. I knew that if I was going to be pursuing my bachelor’s, I needed to have some flexibility with that. And I needed to be able to work on my own schedule. And they were more than willing to work with me with all these life circumstances that I hadn’t expected. They checked in on me and made sure I was doing okay. We had to switch some things around. Instead of dismissing me and not understanding, they were very understanding. It was apparent to me that my education was also their goal. They wanted me to get a good education. I think that there’s a perception out there that the online environment is impersonal, and as a student you’ll just get lost in the shuffle. I found out very quickly that I wasn’t just a grade in the grade book. I was a student and the professor’s made me feel like they cared about my education, and ultimately helped me earn my degree. Hi I’m Candice and I’m possible with McKendree online.

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