Meet McKendree Online Graduate, Jeana!


Meet McKendree Online Graduate, Jeana!

My name is Jeana Nordike and I am the Regional Manager of Clinical Education for SSM Health Care’s Southern Illinois Region. I started my career as a nurse about 15 years ago, and I went through a local community college for my associates degree. I immediately pursued my bachelors with McKendree’s RN to BSN program. I graduated the BSN program in 2005 and was working as a staff nurse in the emergency department in one of SSM hospitals in St. Louis. It was at that time that I chose to pursue my masters in nursing education through McKendree’s online program. The online program seemed to be the best option for me. It allowed me to be home with my children. It allowed me to do my studies and complete my coursework at my convenience, rather than having to go to a physical classroom. I found that a lot of times I would get my children ready for bed, tuck them in, bed time was at eight-thirty, and then from 8:30 until 10:30 that was one mom did homework. And then on the weekends I did homework as well and the kids got to see me do that and I think that that really made an impact on them. That they could see that learning never stops, and that just because I’m an adult, and because I’m the mom, it didn’t mean that I didn’t still need to learn more things. The support that I got from my family and the support that I got through McKendree was phenomenal. The small classroom sizes that McKendree has; I think that the most students that I ever had in one of my classes was 15. I always knew that my instructors were a phone call or an email away. That wasn’t the case with just one instructor in particular but it was the case across the board. They really do look at you as an individual, and try to help you to maximize your potential. And that didn’t stop with my graduation because it still continues on today. My name is Jeana and I’m possible with McKendree Online.

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