Meet Scott Fenstermacher – A UIS Online Student

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Meet Scott Fenstermacher – A UIS Online Student

My degree originally is actually from University of Nebraska and I got that through traditional brick-and-mortar go to school for four years and I thought one of the best ways to move ahead was to advance my degree. Of course working full-time that doesn’t really work anymore, and I found UIS had a online program for master’s degree in Management Information Systems and that allowed me to take courses on my own time, at my own pace. I could still go to work, I could still do things with my kids and continue my education, so it worked out really well. There’s a lot of the things that he kind of brought to the table because he had gotten a degree more focused on management, so I was able to kind of say okay he’s got the technical skills, as well as he’s been furthering his own education in management. So, he’s not just starting from scratch and going well today sounds like a great day to be a manager let’s just go do it. Probably some of the courses that helped me the most that I make the most use of in my day-to-day work were Project Management courses. There were courses in Operations Management and just some overall courses in how to recognize changes that were coming in technology, and how those changes can be addressed, and how they have been addressed by different, different companies through cases studies. I like for what the students learn to be relevant to what they’re going to do in the workforce. I want them to understand the concepts behind the courses that I teach and be able to do some exercises or group projects, and will take those concepts and put them into the real-world type exercise assignment they can do. You’ve got to be hungry for knowledge you’ve got to be hungry for work. You know, you know you have to have that kind of I like to call it almost like an internal fire, where what you’re doing is you’re interested in your own development, you’re willing to chase learning opportunities wherever they may lie, and then not be satisfied to say I’m going to do it the same way I’ve been doing it for ages. As we are fundamentally shifting away from like you said, just being the nuts and bolts technical, I think the soft skills become more important for having people who can relate to the business partners, build rapport with people be able to do things like set up and organize their own projects, and communicate appropriately those soft skills will become much more important. Well UIS is in our backyard so it was actually a pretty easy choice for me. I also did some research online and the various other online programs and found that UIS is one of the top-rated online programs for Management of Information Systems, so it just kind of worked out really well. I’ve been really happy in the last I guess four to six years that I’ve been in the online program, lots of good professors, has been interesting actually to watch the online program kind of developed from when I first started to where it is now. The famous thing about MIS is that they say the most sure thing is change, so technology changes, the business managerial aspect of technology changes, therefore the need for curriculum modification. So every few years, we have to update not only the entire curriculum but also individual courses. From my experience, UIS has been very accommodating and have been very forward-looking and they’ve been very helpful for the entire term of my online degree program.

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