Meet the Doctoral Writing Coach | APU Writing Center

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Meet the Doctoral Writing Coach | APU Writing Center

So hi, my name is Tori Dalzell. I am the doctoral writing coach here at Azusa Pacific and you’re probably wondering, “well, what is a doctoral writing coach?” So well, first of all, I already hold my doctorate – in my case it’s a PhD in Ethnomusicology or the study of music and culture. And this means that I’ve already been through the process of researching, writing, and defending a dissertation, and I continue to do research and contribute to my field. So I’m familiar with the process of academic inquiry from my own research, but I also have extensive experience working with doctoral students in other fields. Some of those fields have included higher education, nursing and clinical psychology, as well as a variety of STEM fields, and also the social sciences and humanities. So what can you expect when you come and work with me? So a couple things: one, every session does look a little different, and so a lot of it will depend on what questions you have and what concerns you have when you come to this session. We’ll use those to structure our conversation and what we decide to focus on But there’s a couple things that you can expect. One, you can expect to just articulate your argument. I’m going to ask you, you know, what is your project about? I’m going to ask you how you’re arguing things. So expect to be able to talk about, you know, what it is you are wanting to say, and this just gives you an opportunity to take a little more ownership of your project. You can also expect to read different portions of your writing aloud This is really helpful, especially when we’re looking at sentence level clarity and trying to decide if what you have to say articulates your ideas in the best way possible. You can also expect me to just give your -or give you – my understanding of your argument. hat way you can see, did I get my ideas just down on paper or did I actually get my ideas into my readers’ heads? And so from my feedback, hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what you need to clarify or what you might need to revise outside of our session. So just as a caveat, don’t expect us to get through all of your writing in a particular session because we only have about 30 to 45 minutes, so generally we might get through 8 to 10 pages at most in that time. But that’s okay because the session is there to help you improve as a writer; it’s not there to make your writing perfect. And so, from our session, most likely we’ll see patterns in your writing that you can then look for in other parts of your paper and address outside of our session. And, you’ll feel better equipped to engage with your writing and re-approach it, rather than, again, me just kind of sitting there and making your writing perfect. Hopefully we’ll see you in the Writing Center, and I look forward to working with you.

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