Mercy College of Ohio Online Orientation Welcome

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Mercy College of Ohio Online Orientation Welcome

Hi! I’m Sue Wajert,
President of Mercy College of Ohio. Hello. I’m Dr. Trevor Bates. I am the Vice
President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Mercy College. Hello.
I’m Lori Edgeworth the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Enrollment
Management at Mercy College of Ohio. Hello. I’m Mark Adkins, Vice President of
Student Affairs. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to Mercy College of Ohio. The
foundation of Mercy College of Ohio is built on its Catholic identity and
charism of the Sisters of Mercy. Founded by the sisters in 1918, the Mercy School
of Nursing awarded diplomas to generations of nurses through its 76
years of operation. The nursing program provided the vehicle, which the
educational mission of the Sisters of Mercy was promoted. Mercy College was
incorporated in 1992. Initially only offering an Associate Degree in Nursing.
Today Mercy College offers multiple healthcare programs, undergraduate and
graduate degrees, and has a vibrant community of online learners. Mercy
College of Ohio, a Catholic institution with a focus on health care, educates and
inspires students to lead and to serve in the global community and from our
mission flows the values. Compassion, displaying respect, empathy, and a
willingness to listen. This core value relates to most to me, because I feel if
you want people to treat you with respect
then you must treat others with respect. Human dignity shows respect and
compassion for those patients. Excellence. We not only expect excellence in the
classroom from our students, but we expect excellence of our faculty and
staff and the programs that we offer. Service. To work hard and do well and to
serve as often as possible and you will see the benefits. Sacredness
of life flows from our Catholic identity which reveres all life through
thoughts, words, and actions. Justice whether it be social, economic, any form
of justice is important we should all be contributing to improving justice. My
best advice for the online learners is to make sure you do the work and take an
active role in your learning. You need to connect with the institution so ask
questions, make sure you feel a part of it, because that will help you get
through your program. Time management. Time often gets away from us, because
we’re all busy individuals. And if you schedule your time and your coursework
and you pace it you will be successful in all of your online work. My advice to
online students is to stay on top of work, you’re getting it done, and on the
time that is agreed upon with the professor. Good luck and hope to see you
at commencement.

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