Michigan Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

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Michigan Connections Academy Online School Overview Video

Michigan Connections Academy is a K-12 virtual public school. It can suit so many different students. I have struggling students, of course,
being a special education teacher, but then we also have students that are high achievers that are gifted and talented that really do well with our program. Well, I have a variety of students, all types,
especially independent learners…really thrive here. We have special ed students, as well,
so we have a wide range. When I was in the traditional setting I never
got to know the parents as much as I do now. I not only know the kids, I know the parents, I know the family. I know what’s happening on a day-to-day basis and that relationship
is where I can start to engage my students. The relationship with students and families
is like the foundation of Michigan Connections Academy, setting up really good relationships
with them really helps drive your instruction. There is lots of things that I like about
it. I think the thing that I like best is the communications with the teachers. My teacher calls me every other week and we have about two or three live lessons every week and sometimes I’ll call her if I need
some help. I like everything about it. But I do like
the teachers because they’re right there when we need them and they’re very supportive. I probably am talking to one of them at twice a week. I like that you’re not just doing work, you’re
actually learning and it’s very flexible so I can do it on a weekend. I like that I can learn about what I really
want to know. I feel more confident that I’m learning what
I need to learn and that I can interact with my peers. My kids are very social. They do so many things with the school as far as field trips and with other kids. We see each other at field trips and we talk in live lessons and sometimes we get together and we’ll do our lessons together. It’s very much like what the kids would do
for a normal school. I like to have them log into their computers by 8 o’clock and they’ll
work for three hours or so and then they have lunch and then they’ll work for a few more
hours in the afternoon. They can take breaks if they want to, so it’s flexible but we try
to stay on a normal schedule. Connexus is really cool because it shows
you your grades. That’s another thing that’s really awesome
about Michigan Connections Academy. The kids can access the grade book anytime and so can I, so we’re always able to go in and know right where they’re at and if there’s any
sort of problem, you’re on top of it right away. I love the teachers. My kids love them and
they’re just thriving. It’s a Godsend for Michigan Connections Academy to come to Michigan. I love it.

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