Microsoft Education: Empowering students to achieve more


Microsoft Education: Empowering students to achieve more

Every generation has the opportunity to inspire
those that follow in their footsteps. To pass along the wisdom, knowledge and experience
needed to reach new heights. Microsoft is working to create a better learning
environment for every student, with modern tools that are intuitive, collaborative and
accessible to all, so every student is empowered to achieve more. This is the modern classroom. Where we go beyond memorization of facts and
figures and a one-size-fits-all education. Where students learn in the way they learn
best, on the tools they will use in the future. Where teachers create experiences that spark creativity, and everyone can collaborate anytime, anywhere. Microsoft Education: empowering the students
of today to create the world of tomorrow.

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9 thoughts on “Microsoft Education: Empowering students to achieve more”

  1. Ding James says:

    Trust me, finally, you will know books and papers are the best!

  2. miss saksham tewari says:

  3. Kathy Neil says:

    what's name of this music , it's wonderful

  4. Matthias Sp says:

    what is this @18 sec ?

  5. Gustavo Mix Produções says:

    friends? does anybody know the name of the music of bottom of that video?

  6. Charmine Sanquina says:

    Why kids joins Microsoft?!?!?!?!?!

  7. Charles Zacharian Bugais says:

    nice ^_^

  8. julio abner hernandez panameño says:

    New technology needs experienced teachers

  9. wafaa kannir says:

    very good

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