Mississippi State University Online

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Mississippi State University Online

Coming up from where I came from and you
know my family education was never really a thing that we sat down and
talked about. It was always about if you get a good job and you live right and
you do good and you know and that kind of thing.
I was hired at Packard March of 2011. I discovered the different
opportunities to grow within the company. The only thing that was lacking was having a
degree. Looking back on all that and I got to thinking about it you know what I
could actually break that cycle I could be that person to say hey it’s possible.
Once I looked into it I decided to look at Mississippi State when I saw the
interdisciplinary studies program that they were offering online it was really
intriguing. I can do all of my coursework and continue to work I don’t have to
alter my hours at work. With my wife she was real supportive. Whenever I had major
essays papers and stuff to write she understood the importance of me getting
it done and so a lot of times my son wanted to play she would take him and
tell him you know daddy came play right now he’s got to finish his homework and
yeah she was a big help. It was challenging at times but it seemed like
it had got easy because I was used to the process. Mississippi State online
made me feel a part of them. They have a slogan that says even there you’re here
and so I never felt like I was out there by myself, I could always reach out all
of my instructors. It made me feel like I was a part of the family and that I was
received as part of the family. I want my son to go to Mississippi State. On our
graduation day he told him he’s gonna graduate from Mississippi State just
like his dad and so it made me proud to know that he was even thinking about it
then he wanted to father’s footsteps and he wanted to be a bulldog. Before I had
the degree I was limited by the choices and promotions that I could apply for.
Once I got my degree it meant that now I had the options only
thing that’s holding me back now is myself. I encourage anybody who’s out
living their life and don’t think that they can go back to school that is too
hard there’s too much going on or your too busy. I know if I could do it then
anybody could do it.

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