MSNBC Host Takes On NCAA: Pay College Players | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


MSNBC Host Takes On NCAA: Pay College Players | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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10 thoughts on “MSNBC Host Takes On NCAA: Pay College Players | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. Negatron Prime says:

    Andrew Yang has been talking about paying college athletes for a while as well. Yang2020!

  2. Double Dog Farm says:

    WTF Slam Scandinavia, You fall back AH!

  3. Tyler Fireeagle says:

    That was refreshing.

  4. Joanna Brinkley says:

    Kirkman🤘🏻❤️ with my 30 days free Amazon Prime I finally watched Season 2 of Triple M and I’d like to think you wrote one of my favorite scenes of Midge expertly throwing the joke back in the direction of the friends that wanted to stick with the [email protected] Steiner Mountain-CONTENT RICH📮

    Polenta on Table-why not on trough? But I don’t have a leg to stand on here-down South we have Low Country Boils-but there’s butcher’s paper laid🥴

  5. mark anderson says:

    they're already getting paid by the tax payers. at state university's anyway….free room and college tuition….free travel expenses….jobs where they just sit around…a college education is worth over a million dollars in potential income over the life of the player..and thats without turning pro….so STFU and just avoid school and try out for the pro teams….college playing and the free exposure they get has value…its like an internship for other jobs….you work for free…. you get experience and exposure and that leads to employment

  6. gen mainion says:

    the students get a full free education

  7. kathleenb1947 says:

    Polenta is an Italian dish that pours out liquid/mushy and firms up as it cools like cream of wheat or grits. It's served with cheese and sauce and it can be cut into slices after it cools. What's the different between a butcher block and cutting board? Silliness… but then I guess that's the aim, right? Love FB Fridays and love Ari!

  8. ErykaSoleil says:

    I wonder if that Tesla driver was deliberately sleeping, or if he just fell asleep because he was more tired than he realized?

  9. Gods God says:

    Americans are terrified of the technologies they don't yet have, kinda why they lag.

  10. John Watt says:

    Let's use ordinary business talk to describe American pro sports, the media, arena and night-light leagues.
    Major leagues use taxpayers to provide arenas, holding sports-loving taxpayers hostage with their ownership
    of players and technology. Seeing the impact merely "movng a team" can create only proves my point.
    Using colleges and lower leagues to prepare and supply players isn't a proper "farm team".
    In pro football, the players who make it to the big league are the players who didn't get hurt in college.
    In Toronto, when Frank Mahovilich and Dave Keon asked for higher salaries, being their famous goal scorers,
    Punch Imlach, the coach, had all the names of the players done over again on their uniforms,
    so they were the same colour as the background, so you couldn't read their names on the ice.

    Owned by have to be rich, born to be rich Americans.

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