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[MUSIC]. Welcome to my course about music business revenue streams. I’m John Kellogg, the author, and instructor for this course. While this course is going to be rigorous, I hope to bring my experience as a vocalist with the group Cameo, attorney to the O’Jays and Gerald Levert, as an educator, and also as an author of the book “Take Care of your Music Business”. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some stories, and some anecdotes that will make this course a little more interesting for you. Over the next 12 weeks, you will undertake an extensive examination of the critical aspects of creating and maintaining viable sources of revenue in the music industry. Each week we will cover both the history, and the current state of various music related revenue streams, and the effect on all of the participants in the music industry. From musicians, to songwriters, to tutoring companies, and music product retailers. The study of this material was designed to help you imagine innovative methods for identifying, and generating new sources of revenue in the growing digital age. As generating revenue is essential for any business endeavor, our focus on music business revenue streams will provide a base of knowledge that will create a firm foundation for your continued study of the music business. We’ll reinforce the concepts and material we cover each week, with real life case study assignments, discussions, interactive exercises, and quizzes that will not only increase your knowledge in these areas, but also build your critical thinking and analysis skills. So once again, welcome, and let’s get started. [MUSIC]

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