Music Industry Degree at Jamestown Community College

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Music Industry Degree at Jamestown Community College

“Music can name the unnameable and
communicate the unknowable.” Leonard Bernstein Hi, I’m Neil Flory I’m head
of the music department here at JCC. We have a great music industry degree
here which has all the right components for you to transfer to a four-year program in music industry after this and go on to your career. With all brand new
gear and industry standard recording software our fabulous new recording
studio has everything you need to really learn how to operate in this setting. Our new computer lab is equipped with all new Macs and state-of-the-art software
for doing top-notch digital audio projects. These great acoustically
designed rock ensemble rooms provide an excellent place for the rock ensembles
to put together really good performances. Our concerts feature a wide variety of
musical styles and include faculty and student ensembles and soloists as well
as visiting professional groups. Whether you want to go in the corporate world of music or music marketing, the degree is a great place for you to start. Steve Gustafson: I’ve played
in Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall. I’ve played in the
Royal Albert Hall. I’ve played in arenas. I’ve played in stadiums, I’ve played in every
small bar there is in Buffalo and Jamestown New York. Students are gonna
learn how to read a record contract, they’re gonna understand what a record
company does, they’re gonna know that the agent should be paid only 10% and
managers shouldn’t be paid more than 15%, how to tour, how to book shows, how to be
sure you’re going to get paid right, and things like that. If you love anything
with music that I’ve talked about here but you don’t want to major in it, no
worries we still have everything that you want and a lot of our classes
actually count for SUNY gen ed requirements. For more information
contact the music department

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