My Online Readiness Experience

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My Online Readiness Experience

Welcome to Cuyahoga Community College. My name is Alex Johnson and I’m President of Tri-C. Over the last few years we’ve work very hard to give new students like you
everything you need to succeed. One of the tools we’ve developed is an
assessment called My Online Readiness Experience. It focuses on three skill
areas critical to your success: Technology, Study, and Communications. You will answer questions such as how you access a computer, the internet, Microsoft Word, and email. You will also be introduced to our online learning system, Blackboard Learn. This process will take about an hour and will also provide you with insights about your time management skills your ability to work independently and your personal study habits, and you will be provided with information and links to resources at Tri-C. I believe you’ll find its time well spent. Best wishes for your success at Tri-C,
and I look forward to seeing you at and I look forward to seeing you at graduation if not sooner.

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