Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching


Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching

Honey, I gotta make a call you pick something out Anehandra, okay, mom. We’ll be fine so How about this? Ok, Look nanny, I already told you. I don’t need your help when I see something I like I’ll let you know Whatever you want.(mimicking) what ever you want what ever you want. and don’t be so stupid I’m the boss. John Quiñones: when moms around, she is the perfect little princess. but when moms away, a demanding l diva comes out to play Do you let this pint-sized prima donna abuse her babysitter, or do you stick up for a nanny in need? What would you do? Here comes my mom, you say anything and I’ll get you fired Everything okay Alehandra? Oh were just great mom. I found so many things I like here your the best for bringing me here We’ve taken over the toy box and Colts neck, New Jersey This first shopper is nearly frozen in place when she hears Amanda’s rude words Tell my mom to buy me that right now or else I’ll have you fired and do you want that to happen? No because then you won’t get anywhere in life Amanda. She Struggles with what to do. Its true and then reluctantly she speaks up I mean yeah, but she’s just a nanny Yeah, but were paying her I mean she’s like…Stupid, like look at her just stand there Amanda, I think that was…shut up your just a nanny I really appreciate it. And now this soft-spoken woman tells the store’s manager Who’s actually one of our actors how she’s feeling? She’s so deep in conversation that she doesn’t see us standing by and then we step in. I’m tired I’m Joh Quiñones, oh god This is what would you do oh my God? You were very upset honestly. Yeah, what was going through your mind I was gonna leave and come back to the store later because I was very upset by how she was treating a nanny You just couldn’t take it She was um Telling her that because she was a nanny she wouldn’t Become anything which is not, right We roll again. I don’t need your help. I can do it it on my own okay um Tell my mom to buy this for me, or I’ll get you fired Easley. this woman quietly lends her support directly to our nanny hold this Yeah, I just don know, like I’ll try to be patient yeah, but when Amanda does this pick that up Amanda you can pick it up yourself.She changes her focus. She gets paid to do stuff, she’s the nanny And then she turns her attention to the manager. What is she saying? And then finally tells our mom what she saw What the Nanny? Wait.Before anyone gets fired time for us to step in. Hi there,Oh my goodness They’re actors okay. I’m just like oh my God I didn’t know what to do, I just felt terrible for the nanny. Just I got thinking oh my God I’m glad this was what would you do? this mom’s shopping with her kids keeps a close watch on What’s happening. I keep on telling you this I’m fine by myself You do your thing and I’ll do mine when mom returns, hi mom, and the Nanny walks away Amanda tells a different story about what happened. Oh my God the Nanny was so mean to me mom She’s so rude. She’s not nice. I don’t like her and now the customer can’t stay quiet What was she saying? she just told me that the nanny was being mean to her Amanda Alejandra Can you tell me what she’s saying because I’m I just I want to know. Before she’s out the door We catch up with her. I’m , Joh Quinones and that’s why I was like pacing the store They had already looked around the store. So what were you waiting for an opportunity to say something? kinda yeah I mean I felt that I needed to tell the parent you know that her daughter was being a certain way You know I can see in her face. She’s like Oh my gosh, like why why is she talking to her like to have the whole time? That’s why I was why I was pacing. I’m like this is crazy And then this woman enters she’s also shopping with her kids and talking on the phone Do you want to get one of them sir? I can figure out my own things. I don’t need your help So initially Amanda’s ugly words seem to go Unnoticed. Why don’t you understand? I’m the boss. You’re just a nanny, you don’t mean anything to me should stop following me I can get you fired if you don’t do what I tell you to do so I don’t think you would want that to happen Well, I mean she’s just the nanny. mhm Her job is to get me things so it’s not like do anything with her own children Listening and looking on the customer continues trying to teach the little Diva to be a better person And even when Amanda talks back to the sympathetic shopper. She’s my nanny You should mind your business. She puts our little girl in her place ma’am Hi, I’m John quinones. Oh my Goodness are you serious? Yes they’re actors. oh My, I’m gonna cry right now. I was so upset I was on the phone with one of my friends and I heard her speaking like that I know. and I don’t know I’m like I gotta go. I’m like I can’t I’m like she’s a person. that’s not nice,I looked at the nanny and she had tears in her eyes, and I just felt like you know We live in a world with so many horrible things that go on and this was a child that Was talking that way and it’s scary the message that I tried to teach my children is Just to you know. It should be play and have manners and you know to work for what we have Subscribe to what would you do for frequent uploads

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100 thoughts on “Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching”

  1. Fred Davis says:

    7:24 The Look On The Little Girls Face, Says Mommy's Right! Precious👼

  2. Mimi Gip says:

    I just want smack her

  3. Halfcrowindian says:

    I’m old school-“takes a village to raise a child” Unable to walk away from temperamental children. Normally parents are there; always get a TY💕-in this case I would’ve been loud enuf letting child know-ask where’s your mother; would’ve caught moms attention; tell mom-if not receptive would’ve let mom know her flaws😤…

  4. GRIZZ GOD says:

    These people getting all mad over this is childish af.

    This is the nanny’s problem,not yours,so you shouldn’t be getting so upset over it.

  5. Legit Boss says:

    If I found out this was my child, I’d be so pissed. You absolutely do not talk to your elders that way.

  6. gleefanatic2013 says:

    That last woman was NOT playing

  7. Sally Smith says:

    Me working as a camp counselor 😂😂

  8. Alex Coghlan says:

    If i acted like that to an adult as a kid I would need a casket

  9. OpiumVEVO says:

    John is the only guy wearing a full suit in august.

  10. Tedd NG says:

    “and you’re just a child…” 🔥🔥🔥😂

  11. Axe2TheHead says:

    If I saw some bitchy 5 year old acting like this, I would pin her to the wall, pummel her to a pulp, and teach her some God Damn manners.

  12. Muhammad Rouhan says:

    "pint-sized pre Madonna"

  13. Noe Perez says:

    omg is dumb

  14. Daniella Simuene says:

    The last mom: If my daughter acted like you did I would be very upset with her

    Me: throws remote control at forehead

  15. Isabelle Murray says:

    Did anyone notice that the last woman had a Louis Vuitton bag

  16. Aydan Animates says:

    1 like = 2 smacks

    Good deal right?

  17. Allison V says:

    If I babysit a brat I don’t know what tell you I would quit. Even if I get no where in life.

  18. Chrysi Chrysi says:

    Yeah but that's kind of how it goes in real life too.

    I once had a boss, a grown woman but she was MUCH like the kid. She'd really test my limits and telling me to do all sorts of things that aren't even close to what my actual job was supposed to be based on my qualifications and with that snotty attitude and in front of customers too.

    She was actually even worse than this kid as she knew I really wanted/needed the job. She'd also make promisses she never kept, I mean it was just AWFUL but strangely she lowkey REALLY appreciated my hard work.

    I can very well imagine that she was much like this child, when SHE was a kid.
    It got so bad till the point I respectfully told her "NO.".

    Needless to say I didn't work for her very long and it felt like a breath of fresh air to be free and sure enough, something MUCH better actually came along. I have never been more proud of myself than that day, I told that bi*ch, no.

  19. Kelia Murphy says:

    Punt the child ..jk

  20. Myka Macapal says:

    The nanny looked beautiful

  21. Hate Yourself says:

    Some people that is rich have a good nanny and kind but they treat her mean
    And some who are poor their nanny is mean

    Tho my nanny is mean and when i was a baby she looked me in a room….
    But finally my mom was ganna change her cloths she saw me 😔

  22. Asrica says:

    Anyone else think the what would you do logo cinematic towards the beginning kind of looks similar to stranger things logo

  23. Tania John says:

    It’s funny but they’re brats like this in real life

  24. Billy Weed says:

    You know, i'd never a hit a child…But, in this case, the only reason I wouldn't is because i'm pretty sure they'd put me in jail for it. And even then…God dammit, i'd slap her so hard, the hand print would still be visible in her first driver license's photo.

  25. Billy Weed says:

    OK, this kid's voice sounds like a Batman villain waiting to happen.

  26. FlowerPower Bryan says:

    John: WOW! Your daughter is an amazing actor.
    Parents: That bitch ain’t acting.

  27. Tristan Thomas says:

    I could get you fiiired!!🔥🔥🔥

  28. Rin Doherty says:

    That girls voice annoys me more than when I read that Dumbledore died

  29. Brian says:

    Girl is based af

  30. Brian says:

    Clean it up jannies

  31. Zak the PENGUIN says:

    Abuse comes in all different shapes, sizes and ages

  32. Sid Shades says:

    The woman at 7:40 looks like 45 year old Cardi B

  33. Madison Kelly says:

    I’m a teen and if I saw that I wouldn’t have been nice to the little girl I would’ve told her hey be nice or shut your mouth

  34. Lesslie Castillo says:


  35. CrystalWolf 7678 says:

    I really don't understand why people complain to the manager cuz , I mean what are they going to do? That's kind of a personal situation but people get involved

  36. Crow The Crow says:


  37. Robynann11 says:

    If I had a daughter like that I’ll send her to military school

  38. Yoongi’s stalker says:

    s h e w o u l d a g o t p u n c h e d

  39. Simon Nilsson says:

    when i was with my ex and we picked her son up from school….after we got home we got a call that he did the same sort of thing to his teacher and had her crying , i told him to get his coat back on we are going out which unsure about what was going on he did , i took him straight back to school went to the main office and asked for the teacher (took about 30 minz to find her) but i made him wait there , when she got there and asked what was going on i asked him what he said to the teacher to make her cry , first time he denied it so i just stood and looked at him as i new better anyway…he gave in and told me what he did and i simply said so what do you do now , he apologized to the teacher and the headmaster of the school and promised he'd never do it again , the next day the headmaster after taking him to school in the morning pulled me aside and just said he wanted to shake my hand at at that school most parents don't care and it was nice to see someone that does. i was always taught to respect people and that starts at home.

  40. steamyboy69 says:

    I am more vocal lol i’d be like, ‘Look here you little shit ! Your mom pays that lady to look after you, why? To buy all these toys that youre just gonna toss out when you grow up. Kids like you deserve dog and cat poo thrown at your face !’ HaHahah

  41. Think Diffrent says:

    If a nanny is getting abused by a kid they need to be fired.

  42. Maria Griffin says:

    The last lady is my teacher Hahahaha I’m dead

  43. HOT COCOA & CREAM says:

    She reminds me of that girl from jessie who broke zuris dolls

  44. Laker Fan says:

    Bro not gonna lie, I'd par four of that little girls face

  45. watch2muchtv says:

    Do kids even act like this ? How would this be any one’s business ? Does stuff like this even happen ?

  46. Kimo Playz says:

    Right when this little diva said that she’s the boss THAT GIRL GONNAA REGRET THAT!


    If that nanny was mine:;
    Mom: Go ahead and pick anything you want.
    Nanny: I'll take care of her! 😃
    Mom: goes to look at something else
    Nanny: picks a cool lego set you like legos right? How about this?
    Me: Sure. And if you are free enough after we head home, we can build it together! 😁
    Mom: comes back how is everything?
    Me: looks at nanny wanna tell her?
    Nanny: We found a cool lego set together! shows
    Mom: Cool. Cmon lets go pay!

  48. Sandile Ndebele says:

    I would do that

  49. Can We Please Just Fucking Ban Fortnite says:

    If that was my kid I would've sent her to the shadow realm.

  50. deinemuddaisdoof says:

    never too late to give her up for adoption

  51. Gacha Candie says:

    “You say anything and I’ll get you fired”


  52. SOPHIA IBARRA says:

    If this was real this girl would be getting the chancleta from ME!

  53. Luis _ says:


  54. Naomi Rivera says:

    If that was my daughter I would of belted her ass. God damn I’m so glad I’m not having children like god.

  55. Darryl Johnson says:

    I will beat that child ass

  56. Josiah Lindor Carty says:

    Hellooooooo nanny!! 😍😍😍😍

  57. MUK says:

    Thank god I'm not in any of these videos

    Because i would yeet the people away

  58. Sauron Ikov says:

    Me: Exhales
    John Quionnes: this is what would you do, what made you make that decision?
    Me: …

  59. Surya Goud says:

    Nanny was so pretty ❤

  60. Luna Moon says:

    I woulda threw my coffee at her 😭

  61. The Yemeni Patriot says:

    Damn this girl has a bright future in acting 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Mario Soberal says:

    New jersey the s**t hole of liberals.

  63. Star Heart says:

    You know the actor is doing great when you want to punch them in face 100,000,000 times :>

  64. Curt Christensen says:

    A kid thinks they can treat people like crap, will eventually mouth off to the wrong people

  65. Sunset Echoes says:

    Hey john I was wondering if you can come to Canada Toronto Ontario and give me the opportunity to act on your show pls pls pls

  66. Enna St.fluer says:

    OMG hi John My Name Is John wooooooow we should work together just come to Florida Fort Lauderdale

  67. Chloe Harris says:

    I love how the people that step in to help explain what the actors said 🤣

  68. MR. COMMENT says:

    That little diva looks like Sadie Sink.

  69. Lena K. says:

    the kid is incredibly good at acting! wow!

  70. MrPanzertim says:

    Funny how all the abusers ar white STRANGE THAT ???

  71. avinash utsav says:

    Where is Ava?

  72. Kay Taylor says:

    Lmao what is the manager gonna do ????


    That last women was so mature

  74. stacey rose says:

    She's insane 😲😱

  75. Dolly Woofwoofer says:

    take that lil nigga outside and recreate the curb scene from american history X lmaooooo

  76. Swag Master says:

    Yo, this reminds me of an Episode of Jessie. It’s where Jessie looks after another kid, and she’s an angel when her dad is around, but when he leaves, she’s a complete demon…

  77. DarkRoses Maryland says:

    Ooo if she was my child, she will get a big ass woopin and make sure she ain't gonna be a bratty little cunt i know shes a actor but Ooooooo hell no

  78. Tiara says:


  79. QUINTIN MARCO says:

    She needs to die

  80. Cynical says:

    What would you do?
    Buy a knife.

  81. Gacha Xtube says:

    Fuck her imma smack the shit outta her

  82. Yung Mun says:

    My mom taught me so good when I see children like this I wanna throw flip flops at them

  83. Maria Sernaca says:

    Oh boy! Americans are seriously so stupid when it comes to kids, I'd let her suffer. If you're an adult and let a kid mistreat you, I ain't getting involved. I've had my share of babysitting the toughest kids that no one wanted to repeat-sit, and I got called again & again. Guess by whom? By the kids THEMSELVES! Boys and girls alike. They need discipline. Hell no, I ain't gonna let no kid bully me! I get physical LOL! The kids never know what hit them (the floor gently slammed on their back as I flip them down and put my arm under their head so they don't hit it, and then give them the speech of their lifetime!) Try it, it works!

  84. Maria Sernaca says:

    Also 1) why do you people drive-by comment and ignore thumbing up everyone else who has already posted the same thing you just did? I don't get that on YT! 30, 50+ comments and no one ever thumbs up anyone. Do you just not switch to "Newest"? 2) I would like to see someone go off on Juan Guignones. Like someone who's never seen the show and really go all postal and read JG the riot act for making them cry and wasting their time. THAT would be epic, it's what this show needs. I'm wondering how many of those who "speak" up are actors too!

  85. Mark Driscoll says:

    I love my kids but if my kids act like that God be the only one that can save her

  86. Jacquelina 93 says:

    Beat that little bitch ass

  87. Anuditi says:

    That nasty little stupid girl I’m so angry 😡 right now and I know it’s acting but she’s acting so mean!

  88. Trinity Shepherd says:

    I think Ssniperwolf reacted to this😂

  89. jacob weli says:

    "If that was my daughter i would have her smacked in the mouth" ppl b paying attention to the skit, not the fact that this women beats her kid

  90. Scott Eddins says:

    I know that she is acting, but if i ever talked like that to ANY adult. I would probably be struggling to pick myself off of the floor. This just proves how good that little girl is at acting bc I got triggered😂

  91. Ronin Henderson says:

    When that 1st lady said you’re just a kid. OOF

  92. Jomar Esteban says:

    If I was like that kid, my mom would smack me so bad that it can put me to coma, right away.

  93. Momof2 :/ says:

    ”Dont be so stoopid im dthe boss”
    me:*walks in*
    ” well i hope you step on legos☹️😡 “

  94. Leslie_ Sup says:

    0:26 girl shut up you ain’t no boss your like frickin 5 years old

    I know this isint real I just wanted to comment that oof

  95. MCMirage says:

    She kayed her mom?

  96. papa papa says:

    woman: you could pick that up yourself
    also woman: picks it up for her

  97. Dabi Todoroki says:

    If i was the nanny i WOULD have SLAP her so hard that so won't know what 2+2 is🤣

  98. Dabi Todoroki says:

    I was actually talking to myself saying how was going to beat the kid up😂

  99. Anya Altaa says:

    Literally no one:
    Her: I’m the boss!

  100. Aloha Jean Cea says:

    If i have that little girl i will kill that Fu#$$:: girl

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