Natural Sciences at Cambridge


Natural Sciences at Cambridge

(upbeat electronic music) – I chose to study Natural
Sciences at Cambridge because it allowed me to explore subjects like Earth Sciences and Pharmacology, but it also allowed me to
specialise in Chemistry, which is something that I really enjoy. – The Natural Sciences course at Cambridge is a very broad course. It involves studying
several different subjects in the first and second year,
before finally specialising in the single subject in third year, and then some subjects will
offer a fourth year, as well. – In your first year, you’ll
take three science courses, and one mathematics course,
and in your second year, you’ll choose from roughly
20 different topics, and you’ll take three of those, and then you narrow, so that by the time you reach your final year,
you have the opportunity then to specialise, and join
a single department. – The combination of the breadth and depth was something that really appealed to me. (uplifting melodic music) – The standard modes of teaching are the lectures and the practicals. In addition, Cambridge
has small group teaching, or what we call supervisions. – Two-on-one, or three-on-one
groups, where we can go into more depth with people who are at the top of their field. – We also have a Director of Studies, whose responsible for our
academic life at university, and a tutor whose responsible
for anything non-academic, such as finances, or welfare. So, I have never felt
like I was on my own, I always had people who would be able to help me out with anything. – One of the special aspects
of the Natural Sciences at Cambridge is that students are taught by world-leading research experts. – These are senior academics,
world-class thinkers, highly acclaimed professors, the opportunity to really
engage with these people has been amazing. – My favourite parts of the
course has been the practicals. I think it is really interesting
to learn things in lectures, to learn them on paper, but
seeing them in real life, applying them in real life situations is just why I studied
science in the first place. And being able to do them in modern, well-equipped laboratories
is really important. – A typical day begins with a
few lectures in the morning, followed by going to the lab to work on my fourth year research project. I’ll also find some time to work on my supervision work. After that, I’ll leave the
department, head back to college, get some food, and then I’ll
head to the University gym to train with my friends. – Because I like to keep
myself busy, I tend to do a lot of societies in my spare time. Rowing, choir, steel pans, kung fu, and a little bit of kickboxing. – The Natural Sciences prepares students for any career opportunity. We see students go on, not only
to do post-graduate research but also to become teachers,
bankers, consultants. – Some might stay in research, that might be academic research,
or industrial research, some go into things like
science writing or teaching, and then some will do
something completely unrelated, like banking, or management consultancy. – After graduating, my
first option would be to join a pharmaceutical company, and become a research scientist there. – I want to become a management consultant, and although I will be leaving science, I will still be using the
skills that I have gained throughout my time here. (upbeat electric pop music) – When you come for interview,
we’re looking to get to know the students, and see how they think. We’re not trying to catch students out, or make them feel uncomfortable. – Just show them what you
can do, think out loud, and you’ll be okay. – Remember, you miss every
opportunity which you don’t take. – Your degree and your experience here is what you put into it,
and what you make of it. – If you want to work hard,
and if you love science, go for it.

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