NCERT Business Studies 02 MOOCs Introduction


NCERT Business Studies 02 MOOCs Introduction

Management is a very popular term and
has been used extensively for all types of activities. It can be used conveniently at different
places like your home school etc. for example, your mother manages your
home we can see it is present in all the organizations the success and failure of
an organization depends on the strong foundation and the sound decisions taken
by the management every organization are driving by principles that serves as a
broad guidelines for stating the vision as well as achieving the mission of an
organization these principles are the guidelines to action the functions of
management planning organizing staffing directing and controlling are the
actions to be taken by practisizing management we can see that principles
help managers to take the seasons while performing these functions even these
help the managers to manage their organization in three ways economically
efficiently and effectively under the dynamic business environment which is
very important for the organization to stand in the fast-changing global
economy. So my dear learners a very warm welcome to all of you in this course.
This course we deal with management principles of management and it’s
functions planning, organizing staffing, directing and controlling in the first
changing environment from class 12 Business Studies.Myself pretty sharma and
professor Shipra vaidya will be interacting with you during the course. Each module of the course will have five
quadrants- text, videos, web links to know more about the concept from other
resources over the web ,self assessment questions mcqs, right wrong one word
answer etc and the transcription of the video. Hope you will enjoy the course wish you all the best

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