NEO LMS and Arnos Online Education

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Arnos Online Education,
an e-learning company in Greece, was created in 1985. The last decade we offer educational solutions to everyone, focusing on New Technologies
and Practical Pedagogies. Our challenge was to find a
full online educational solution that offers communication, educational
material completeness and dynamic. Furthermore, our challenge was to diffuse
our Ed-Tech pedagogies to the greek market and make them recognizable. ARNOS Online Education has integrated
NEO LMS in its curriculum from the beginning of the academic year
2016-2017 and now it is used by more than 5000 students. and more than 150 educators. Both ARNOS’ educators and students have already been acquainted with such solutions,
because of our previous similar actions. However, our executives supported our
educators through live courses and video tutorials, focusing on their CPD. Guiding our students and tracking their progress, contributed to their active engagement
while on teaching. Thus, we were able to find and eliminate
the points of their weakness. Through the
feedback of our satisfied clients, we are able to track and estimate their
progress. NEO’s features that were really helpful
for ARNOS’ team, were the content creation tools, but also the communication and
live assessment ones. Thus, we were able to make our concept:
“Learn How to Learn”, a reality. The greatest improvement, is the fact
that our clients are absolutely satisfied without any technical or educational issues. We have developed ARNOS’ every cooperation with parents, educators and learners
with the most beneficial way.

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