*NEW* Online Course: Meanings of Prayer – Dr Samir Mahmoud


*NEW* Online Course: Meanings of Prayer – Dr Samir Mahmoud

Cambridge Muslim College now offers Online
Courses that you can take at your own pace and in your own space. The course covers the various aspects and
mysteries of the ritual prayer (salat) and how they relate to our contemporary life.
We’re going to go through several sessions throughout this course – 8 in total. And
we’re going to start learning a few of the key terms for understanding prayer and its
presence. Its not a course about fiqh per se, and fiqh
is not a prerequisite for the course, so you don’t need to know that much about fiqh.
But if you want to benefit the most experientially from the course, it is beneficial to know
the basic fiqhi conditions of how to perform the prayer. But it is not absolutely necessary
for enrolling on the course and learning about the course and learning the benefits of salat. In the first session we’re going to learn
a little bit about key terms and phrases, for example the meaning of presence, the meaning
of the heart and their centrality in the ritual prayer. We’re going to move on beyond that
to understanding the importance and meaning of salat itself and different kinds of prayer
– prayers of humans, prayers of angels, prayers of creatures. Then we’ll move on to explore and look at
the significance and importance of intentions – what intention means, and the mysteries
of intention, mysteries of our inner reality and inner world. Then after that we move on to the importance
and mysteries of purification and how important and central that is for prayer, purification
of the body and purification of the heart also. And then we stand at the very beginning of
the ritual prayer and attempt to understand what it means to move through the ritual prayer.
What is the fundamental role of the body, the eye, the hands, the feet and the movements
of the prayer and what’s the inner significance of those movements, the inner
psychological experiences of those. And then we move on to the crucial part of
the course that looks at the importance of the Divine word, and how we recite the Divine
word and its significance and its roll in whirling up and creating those mysteries and
experiences in prayer. And finally we’re going to end up with a
wonderful session on the fundamental nature of witnessing God and having a vision of God
and the crucial role of the imagination in prayer. Don’t forget to do the exercises at the
end of every session. Do do the course at your own pace. It’s
recommended that you exercise after every session. Wait a while. Practice it in your
daily ritual prayer. And then come to the next session and the third session and the
fourth session until you finish the course. That relationship between the theoretical
knowledge part of the course and your own practices is viral and important to allow
your experiences to mature and to grow. At the very end of the course we’re going
to have 8 or 9 thematic meditations and reflections on the implications of prayer for our day
to day life covering issues and topics ranging creativity, art, imagination to our relationship
to nature, time and our relationship to other things. I hope you enjoy the course. My name is Samir
Mahmoud. If you have any questions before, during or after the course, please don’t
hesitate to email me: [email protected] Visit for more
information. Cambridge Muslim College. Training the next
generation of Muslim thinkers.

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4 thoughts on “*NEW* Online Course: Meanings of Prayer – Dr Samir Mahmoud”

  1. Yasmine Nazarine says:

    That's beaufull wish those Muslims lives another land country they should have Muslims college & USA is huge country they have only one zituna college on CA some state's of USA is majority high population Moslems wish they have too maybe someday Inshalllah by power of mighty Allah they will build Muslim college
    Because Islam growen from every corner of the world ❤💛💚💙💜 barakallah

  2. Rose Henriksen says:

    Is this course including learning how to pray ?

  3. Ice Lysis says:


    Are there any forms of financial assistance? I would tremendously love to join this course but sadly I am unable to afford the £29 price tag 🙁

  4. S Mekk says:

    MashaAllah that's what every Muslim should learn and do !

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