New Translation/Interpretation Online College Courses

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New Translation/Interpretation Online College Courses

3 A FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND ONLINE COLLEGE CURRICULUM IN NORTHEASTERN AND CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA IS ABOUT TO BECOME REALITY. AS EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER MARK HILLER EXPLAINS, THE GOAL IS TO ADDRESS SOME OF THE NEEDS ASSOCIATED WITH A GROWING LOCAL HISPANIC POPULATION. 3 ((MARK HILLER REPORTS))Surfing Lackawanna College’s website, 2nd year student Melanie Tejada zeroes in on her major: criminal justice.Melanie says, “You can do so many things with it. You can be a police officer. You can be a probation officer. You can be a corrections officer. You can be a lawyer.”All of those professions in and around Hazleton benefit more and more by being able to speak both English and Spanish. (April Harris-Snyder — Director, Lackawanna College Hazleton Center) “If you’re bilingual, having that extra layer of being able to translate and interpret is just… it’s invaluable.”It’s why Lackawanna College Hazleton Center held a roundtable discussion after announcing it will begin offering new translation/interpretation certification programs 100 percent online starting this fall. One of the 3 programs is Spanish Translation and Interpretation which can benefit students in a number of majors.(April Harris-Snyder — Director, Lackawanna College Hazleton Center) “This could be criminal justice but it could also be, you know, for a medical student who’s an allied health professional, in the business arena or human services.” (Mark Hiller — Eyewitness News) “The way this will work, Lackawanna College students will take the online courses — two in the fall and two in the spring — then take those 12 credits and apply them toward their degree mandate.”The online course 3 is free to current Lackawanna College students fluent in both English and Spanish. (Melanie Tejada — Criminal Justice Major, Lackawanna College)”In a way, when you know two languages you’re worth two people so that can be very helpful.”Helpful to more than just students.(April Harris-Snyder — Director, Lackawanna College Hazleton Center) “It just gives them another step up and it helps elevate the population in the community.” Hiller says, “And takes down a barrier.” April says, “And takes down a barrier. Absolutely. 100 percent. And then it helps other people who probably need to be interpreted to feel safe and comfortable.”While providing an 3 economic boost.(Fermin Diaz — Vice President, Society of Hispanic Professionals of Hazleton Area)”More language is just more clients, more business for our area and that’s what we want to do.”In Hazleton, Mark Hiller, Eyewitness News. 3 ((NICK)) “LACKAWANNA COLLEGE HAZLETON CENTER” IS ALSO OFFERING “ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE TO CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD CERTIFICATION PROGRAM”. IT’S A COMBINATION OF INTENSE ENGLISH LITERACY ALONG WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COMPUTER SKILLS INSTRUCTION. HEAD TO PA HOME PAGE dot COM TO LEARN MORE THAT AND THE OTHER NEW ONLINE COURSE. 3 ((CANDICE)) TODAY, THE NATION COMMEMORATES THE END OF

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