North Middle School Virtual Tour

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North Middle School Virtual Tour

(music) 3D model of exterior of North Middle’s new building. Text reads ‘North Middle Virtual Tour’ Camera moves into building View of North Middle’s new office Camera pans through hallway, showing break-out area… … which includes a long desk, chairs and a whiteboard Camera pans into a classroom which showcases natural lighting Camera fades into a science classroom and moves into a shared lab space Camera moves through hallway View of a room called a Makerspace Camera pans into a room filled with computers called a Technology Lab Camera moves to the exterior courtyard in the center of the building Courtyard has many places for students to sit and socialize Camera moves back into building Camera pans through the Commons area, with multiple tables for students to eat and socialize The Commons area is a very open space, with stairs leading to the second floor The camera travels up the stairs The second floor features more spaces for students to sit and socialize The library is also on the second floor above the commons area Camera travels through library. There are many tables and chairs for students to study Camera pans out a window Camera pans back for full view of North Middle Text appears which reads ‘Fall 2019’ Screen cuts to black Everett Public Schools logo fades in

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