Nursing Associate Degree Program | Gateway Technical College

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( ♪♪ ) ( background conversation ) (Linda – Instructor:) Nursing is a wonderful profession. ( background conversation ) (Jackie – Student:) For me this has been awesome. I’ve done a little bit online, I’ve done a little bit on campus. I’m able to coordinate with a bigger college beyond this that I can continue and finish my bachelor’s degree if I so choose. ( background conversation ) What’s special at the technical college here is that most of my instructors are actually in the field working. (Linda:) It’s very much hands-on. It’s actually a combination of both classroom and clinical time, as well as laboratory time. ( background conversation ) They’re in a laboratory setting with an instructor, very closely working with that instructor, learning about different skills, and being able to practice, practice, practice. (Jackie:) I can be a nurse in any part of this country, the world, anywhere. This gives me a lot of opportunities, and health care is a field that’s not going away -– everybody is going to need health care. (Linda:)It’s a wonderful feeling to see them and how they’ve grown and now they’re the healthcare professionals in our community taking care of us. ( ♪♪ )

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